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Closing the TARDIS door behind them, Rose exploded with laughter.

The Doctor grinned, impressed that Rose had controlled herself throughout the tourney.

"Come on. You've got to admit that watching a joust between two guys with coconut clapping lackeys instead of horses is way too Monty Python."

"They were gourds, Rose. Not coconuts." Rose raised an eyebrow. "Okay, it was more than a little peculiar."

Rose leaned back against a railing. "The thing I don't get; they didn't have real horses, so where did all the steaming piles of manure come from?"

"There are some things better not thought about.


dw100challenge #117: improbability


( 5 howls — talk to the wolf )
27th May, 2006 17:44 (UTC)

*cracks up*

27th May, 2006 23:09 (UTC)
I kind of fell into that scenario. Which now sounds rather messy.
28th May, 2006 10:45 (UTC)
You shouldn't make me giggle at work like that.
28th May, 2006 11:56 (UTC)
But it's so much fun.
28th May, 2006 22:05 (UTC)
At least I wasn't on a 911 call at the time; they hate that.
( 5 howls — talk to the wolf )