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Nutritus"What's up, love?" Spike brushed Dawn's hair away from her eyes.

"I could do without Buffy's phone call from hell about the joys of impending motherhood."

Spike froze. "She's pregnant?"

Dawn shook her head. "No, one of the Slayers on her team is and Buffy's gotten all clucky."

Spike shuddered at the thought. "Buffy would end up accidentally leaving her child in a cemetery. Or she'd dump the kid on her beloved sister allowing Uncle Spike to introduce the tyke to football and poker."

Dawn picked up the phone with a grin. "Buffy'll backtrack so fast her wheels will spin."


open_on_sundaychallenge #164: mom
Part of the London!verse


15th May, 2006 22:32 (UTC)
There are few things as enjoyable as corrupting your nieces and nephews. The simple joys of buying them a drum kit or set of bagpipes, for instance.