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Trebuchet"This was a brilliant idea." Jack grabbed Rose's hand, pulling her to his side before she slipped. They dodged the shattered missile in their path and caught up with the Doctor.

"Not my fault the locals have strange ideas about winning competitions." The Doctor was quite proud of the rapid fire trebuchet he'd entered in a contest to fling large vegetables the furthest. Unfortunately, they were now moving targets in a full fledged test of the weapon.

Rose panted heavily as they headed for the TARDIS. "How about next time you read the fine print before you get involved, yeah?"


dw100challenge #114: pacificist


6th May, 2006 19:55 (UTC)
*laughs* Rapid-fire trebuchet? To throw vegetables? You have a strange mind...
6th May, 2006 23:59 (UTC)
Pumpkins and watermelons make for good, messy projectiles. And I have a thing for trebuchets.