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Seasonal"So, this is the wet." Rose pulled her hood closer around her face and lowered her head as she slogged through the downpour at the Doctor's side, blowing raindrops off the end of her nose with a loud puff. "Tell me there's a dry."

Hands in pockets, the Doctor ignored the rain. "When it comes, it'll be so hot that the jungle will die back completely, lying dormant until the next wet season."

"So all this is a season's growth?" Rose looked up at the trees towering over them. "I guess you really can watch the grass grow around here."


dw100challenge #113: the rain in spain


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26th Apr, 2006 18:52 (UTC)
blowing raindrops off the end of her nose with a loud puff

There is something so *cute* about that image of Rose!

Lovely drabble as always, RedWolf - you do write great stuff ;-D
26th Apr, 2006 22:38 (UTC)
Many thanks. The line you liked kind of snuck in at the end, nice when that happens.
26th Apr, 2006 21:32 (UTC)
*fights off sudden urge to take that concept of really drastic seasons and build a world and several cultures around it*

Um, that is to say, very cool idea, liked it a lot!
26th Apr, 2006 22:41 (UTC)
Admittedly, it's a little more drastic than we get here, but as you get closer to the equator seasons are reduced to the wet and the dry. Now you can plan that trip to the top of Australia for research.
27th Apr, 2006 03:22 (UTC)
There was a science fiction novel several years ago about a world with such an eccentric orbit that it goes into a severe winter for decades. I don't recall the name of it, but I couldn't get warm for about a week after I finished reading.
27th Apr, 2006 03:20 (UTC)
Okay, there's no way I'm going to Spain ...
27th Apr, 2006 03:26 (UTC)
Spain has a rather nice climate, nothing like this.
27th Apr, 2006 13:37 (UTC)
I know; in fact, I've heard the rain there falls mainly on the plain. That weather sounds more like what we get in Indiana, where there are two seasons: Winter and road construction.
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