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Deviation"So, the chicken for you," Andrew pointed to Dawn. "And the beef is for you." He pointed to Rachel. "Shouldn't be too long."

"Take the umbrella with you—" Rachel's words were cut off as Andrew slammed the door in his haste to leave. "That boy will drown out there."

"Not quite, he'll just end up looking like an adorably bedraggled puppy." Dawn snorted in amusement. "Why do you think he shot out the door so fast?"

"Don't tell me he's on the pull?" Rachel groaned at Dawn's enthusiastic nodding. "I guess we won't be seeing our lunch any time soon."


open_on_sundaychallenge #161: april showers
Part of the London!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse
Tags: andrew wells, dawn summers, fan fiction, fiction, london, rachel evans
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