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ConsequencesThe car made grinding noises as Spike gingerly drove it home. Dawn's driving lesson had not been kind to Xander's car and it was a safe bet that the gearbox was history.

Spike glanced at the girl in the passenger seat. Dawn was trying her best to look chastened by the mayhem she had caused, but every so often he caught a glimpse of smug self-satisfaction flitting across her face.

"You do know that you will be explaining the car to his nibs?" Spike explained with a stern glare, Dawn composed her face into an appropriate expression of understanding, with just the right hint of pleading thrown in for good measure. "And don't think bloody cow eyes will work this time, my girl."

Dawn pouted, purely by force of habit. "Yeah, worth a try though. Do you think he'll buy that it just broke?" Her hopes were dashed by Spike's look of incredulity. "Me neither."

Spike pulled the car into the drive and they walked around the house, hoping to avoid any questions until morning. The plan would have worked if Buffy and Xander weren't sitting in the kitchen waiting for their return.

"So, I take it that all evidence of demon has been removed from the trunk." Xander directed his veiled accusation at Spike.

"Yes." Spike nudged Dawn and she stumbled forward slightly, her eyes not leaving the floor.

"We buried the demon. On the way back, Spike gave me a driving lesson and IthinkIkilledyourcar." Dawn squeaked the last part out, before running out the room and thundering up the stairs. The slam of her bedroom door, ending the shocked silence in the kitchen.

"You gave my sister a driving lesson?"

"You gave Dawn a driving lesson in my car?"

Wishing he could have followed Dawn into hiding, Spike took a deep breath. "She was doing really well until she wiped out the bins and totalled a driveway." He realised that his explanation wasn't helping his cause and opted for silence. An ear-splitting scream sounded from upstairs, Buffy and Xander rushed to see what had frightened Dawn and Spike used the diversion to make his getaway.

Looking up at Dawn's window as he left, Spike returned her wave and mouthed his thanks before disappearing into the night.

15minuteficletsword #45: misdirection
Part of the Training!verse
Tags: buffy summers, dawn summers, fan fiction, fiction, spike, training, xander harris
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