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Terrane"Doctor, you know when I stopped to get the stone out of my trainer? I think the rock I sat on is following us."

The Doctor looked back and noticed a small boulder sitting in the middle of the path they'd just travelled. "It's not a rock, it's an indigenous life form. Fascinating beasts."

Rose warily eyed the creature. "So, why is it following us?"

"They reproduce by sampling DNA from other creatures, then dividing." The Doctor grinned widely and clapped Rose on the shoulder. "Congratulations, you're a father. Can't take you anywhere without picking up strange boyfriends, can I?"


dw100challenge #111: live and let live


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14th Apr, 2006 14:08 (UTC)
Hahaha! Boy, the child support issues alone...
14th Apr, 2006 22:26 (UTC)
Then there's small problem of accidentally skipping your child across the lake.
14th Apr, 2006 16:56 (UTC)
Congratulations, you're a father.

Poor Rose, reproducing without even having fun!
14th Apr, 2006 22:27 (UTC)
I can't imagine Jackie would be pleased to learn about her grandchildren.
15th Apr, 2006 09:03 (UTC)
I can't imagine Jackie would be pleased to learn about her grandchildren.

Oh no, I think that like me Jackie would be quite a keen grandmother, once she got over the shock. Mind you the sci-fi technicalities of how</> might stump her. She'd just blame the Doctor, wouldn't she? ;D
14th Apr, 2006 23:13 (UTC)
*boggles* That certainly sounds a bit disconcerting...
14th Apr, 2006 23:19 (UTC)
You would want to be careful about where you sat, wouldn't you?
15th Apr, 2006 05:19 (UTC)
Followed by Rose totally freaking out ...
15th Apr, 2006 10:38 (UTC)
I think that would be a given. Then the second panic attack when she has to explain it to her mother.
16th Apr, 2006 08:43 (UTC)
Now that I'm familiar with her mother's character, I'd say that would be a challenge, indeed.
15th Apr, 2006 07:09 (UTC)
LOL I want see some Doctor/Rose offspring. I can imagine a young lady with memmories that don't totally fit together, and who is very much connected to her "red" cabbinet box, that has a large floating crystal in it. Acourse she would probably be known across the dimensions as phoenix, taking up where her own mom was once a time goddess. She has no idea what her name is other than a tattoo on her wrist that looks like Y. She has a two year son, knows she has lost her husband, but doesn't know exactly how, and afterwards that she went quite nuts for awhile. Landing on earth in 2002 or so she saved a Ms Sarah Jane Smith, because the woman reminded her of an aunt she had as a child. Ms. Smith not one to forget such a thing, helps to look out after the young woman, who is obviously pregnant and seems quite human, though with a heart mummur, but not really two hearts yet. But Sarah Jane's friend soon picks out a red box with a strange firebird pattern on it, and a red crystal that Y always wore seems to glow within that box. And as they say even thoug it looks like a small red cabinet. It can be smaller on the outside but bigger on the inside for a young just recommibed Tardis that speaks and tells Sarah Jane, love your new shoes. I picture that Tardis is licing, red, very small compared to the Doctors, barely even a hundred years hold, but much more talkative than the Doctor's, and has a thing of turning part of himself in a talking cat with boots from one of Y's distant childhood memories. What you think to out their?
15th Apr, 2006 10:41 (UTC)
Not really my kettle of fish, but as you seem to have put a lot of thought into it, you may as well run with the idea.
15th Apr, 2006 20:56 (UTC)
Yeah but I don't want to write a Mary Sue. I was wondering did Wolf ever have sex with the doctor, any version of the Doctor? I do hope though that Rose's offspring does well.
16th Apr, 2006 00:14 (UTC)
I'm sure Rose's rock will live a long, happy rock-like life.

As for Wolf, I would say yes. She's met other Doctors (her future, his past), a couple briefly and one other for longer, so there's a long history between them. I really need to finish that story off. Must get other story commitments done and out of the way first.
16th Apr, 2006 00:19 (UTC)
Ah ok, thank you, can you point me to where your stories, or ficlets are that deal with Wolf's past and how she met her brother Declane?
16th Apr, 2006 02:59 (UTC)
Anything tagged Wolf or Declán will find the LJ stuff. There are five older stories that aren't available on LJ, but you can find them on my site via Wolf & Declán.

Wolf and Declán's meeting has only been mentioned in passing as back-story a couple of times, I've never written it. I may never write it, as it works better if it stays as back-story. I've taken minor elements from other stories and worked them into full stories years later if they fit a particular theme or challenge. I've also taken unwritten back-story elements from my own universe and used them for other purposes elsewhere. I go where the muse and challenge take me, preferably with some semblance of coherency.
( 16 howls — talk to the wolf )