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ErsatzRose slapped her hand against a tree trunk and was startled by the hollow echo. "I always wanted to visit Central Park, but this isn't what I expected."

The Doctor nodded at the vast field of green before them. "It happened not long past your time. Some idiot thought it would save money to introduce genetically modified grass that was resistant to pesticides, it cross-pollinated to other plant species and a super weed smothered the park."

"So they replaced everything with fakes?"

Jack snorted derisively. "I don't know what they were thinking. Artificial grass is a nightmare for friction burns."


dw100challenge #108: plant


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23rd Mar, 2006 11:44 (UTC)
Hurray for the smutty last line!!! :D

(The rest of it was amusing too.)
23rd Mar, 2006 11:49 (UTC)
How could I resist something like that? Happy to have amused you.
23rd Mar, 2006 15:31 (UTC)
friction burns
Yeah, it is. I mean -- I've heard.
23rd Mar, 2006 21:44 (UTC)
Re: friction burns
One of those things you generally don't admit to knowing. A co-worker once arrived at work limping. When asked why, he replied that he had friction burns on top of his feet. He never did live that down.
24th Mar, 2006 08:14 (UTC)
Re: friction burns
On top of his -- okkkaaaayyyy .....

I had a coworker who once shoed up with rope burns on her wrists. Sadly, she'd never go out with me.
23rd Mar, 2006 16:34 (UTC)
Ahhh, Jack... how I do love the lad.
23rd Mar, 2006 21:44 (UTC)
Worked your way through to the Jack episodes yet?
23rd Mar, 2006 22:53 (UTC)
Not yet - I can usually only sneak in one hour of viewing time per day, so I'm going slow. But oh, man, am I loving these!
23rd Mar, 2006 17:50 (UTC)
...The scary thing is that I can see that happening.

Also, Jack? Is priceless. :-)
23rd Mar, 2006 21:49 (UTC)
It really isn't a great leap in speculation, is it? Especially when you consider that Monsanto invented Astro-Turf, have since sold the division off, but an interesting thought none the less.
23rd Mar, 2006 18:11 (UTC)

Good ole' Jack - just his kind of comment!
23rd Mar, 2006 21:50 (UTC)
Ah, Jack. Interrupting a serious dicussion of human folly with comments about sex. How can you not love him?
( 12 howls — talk to the wolf )