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Twitter"That's it. It's got to go."

Spike caught her arm. "We're on a job. You go charging out there and we'll blow the surveillance."

Glaring up into the darkened canopy above them, Dawn settled back reluctantly.

The call sounded above her head again and, before Spike could stop her, Dawn had fired her crossbow into the air. The cuckoo cut off mid-call and the bird, bolt through its chest, dropped at her feet.

Spike sighed. It was fortunate he'd remembered to fit silencers to the crossbow string. It would have been embarrassing to lose their quarry to a noisy bird.


open_on_sundaychallenge #156: birdsong
Part of the London!verse


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20th Mar, 2006 13:05 (UTC)
Poor Spike. He always has to still his own inner child to accomodate Dawn's. Of course, hers is much more practical than his so it works.

I love this relationship.
20th Mar, 2006 21:26 (UTC)
It's a big pod! He is adorable.

A little balance is a wonderful thing.
20th Mar, 2006 13:35 (UTC)

Yay! More London!verse!

But, is it wrong that I almost feel sorry for the bird? :)
20th Mar, 2006 21:30 (UTC)
Where I come from the bird in question is a Common Koel. It's a cuckoo. Very pretty and a lovely call, until the fucking thing camps out in earshot of your house and calls every minute, on the minute, all night long.

It's a bird that tends to encourage violence in the most passive of people. It has similiarly uncouth relatives all over the world. You wouldn't feel for the bird if you lived near one, you'd be fighting Dawn for the crossbow.
20th Mar, 2006 14:24 (UTC)
There was the Summers coming out of the girl ...

Can you fit silencers on a crossbow?
20th Mar, 2006 21:34 (UTC)
You can on bows. They don't silence the weapon completely, but they do help. They aren't interesting tubes you screw on the front either, those are stabilisers with bows, they're a strip of rubber you tie near each end of the string that separates out and looks like cat's whiskers.
20th Mar, 2006 21:44 (UTC)
See, this is what's so great about JL and the fanfiction community. You just don't learn this kind of stuff in school ...
20th Mar, 2006 22:01 (UTC)
And that's just type I've used.

The stuff available in the US can get a hell of a lot more high tech, but basicly it's all just vibration dampening.
21st Mar, 2006 02:40 (UTC)
America, land of high tech, that's us. Oh, wait -- I forgot about Japan.
21st Mar, 2006 02:54 (UTC)
I did say available to, rather than made in. It just seems the market is much bigger in the US, so that's where the shiny toys migrate. Well, for hunting, anyway. The best of the shiny electronic toys, on the other hand, often never leave Japan.
21st Mar, 2006 03:06 (UTC)
True enough. Two things Americans are good at is adapting the inventions of others for our own use, and buying everything that's made anywhere. We can get the Japanese toys, too, but for some reason there's not much interest here in the more exotic items. Maybe we just don't have the imagination we used to.
20th Mar, 2006 18:20 (UTC)
Damn, now I wish I had a crossbow to aim out my window at early morning birds...

Spike sighed, it was fortunate he'd remembered to fit silencers to the crossbow string. This is a run-on.
20th Mar, 2006 21:36 (UTC)
Thanks for the catch. Sounds like you have a local variant of the Common Koel nearby. Horrible bloody birds, they are.
25th Mar, 2006 14:18 (UTC)
There is absolutely no point in me alluding to the advert for Strongbow cider here *sigh*.

I, too, had no idea that silencers for crossbows existed. Learn something new everyday :-)
( 14 howls — talk to the wolf )