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Intertwine"What's this ball thing?"

The Doctor's hammering echoed throughout the room. "The red and white one?"

"With a little dent on top." Rose tossed the object from hand to hand.

"It's a Dreeth children's toy, like cat's cradle." He continued working until heard a series of grunts and a thump near the console. "Rose?"

The Doctor stuck his head up through a floor panel to find Rose struggling in a knot of strings that spun out from the ball. "Did I mention that the Dreeth are an arachnid-like race? You need more than two hands to play with that toy."


dw100challenge #107: wrestling


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15th Mar, 2006 11:29 (UTC)
LOL ... poor Rose.
15th Mar, 2006 11:34 (UTC)
Some things are not as innocuous as they seem.
15th Mar, 2006 12:10 (UTC)
That's so much the alien side of the Doctor. It wouldn't occur to him to warn Rose until it was too late. lol!
15th Mar, 2006 21:26 (UTC)
It wouldn't, would it?
15th Mar, 2006 20:14 (UTC)

Love it!
15th Mar, 2006 21:27 (UTC)
Thank you!

Didn't think the muse was going to come through on this challenge. Better late than never.
17th Mar, 2006 23:15 (UTC)
Hee. I bet Rose had some words for the Doctor after that.

I just learned that the "new" Dr. Who is coming to the Sci Fi channel here in America, so this will be my first opportunity to see it ... although I feel like I know the group well, from your fics.
17th Mar, 2006 23:29 (UTC)
Words like hand me the scissors and pass the mallet.

I hope you enjoy the new series. The second series kicks off in the UK in April, so I'll be downloading madly until the ABC screens the show a couple of months later. Still don't know if Tennant will be able to pull it off. He's a big fanboy and has mighty big shoes to fill.
18th Mar, 2006 08:36 (UTC)
Caught most of the first two episodes, and liked it a lot. Boy, the state of special effects has certainly changed on that show, hasn't it?

But it's been years since I watched Dr. Who, so I'm not comparing this Doc with the others as much as most fans will be.
( 9 howls — talk to the wolf )