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DivergenceDawn sometimes wondered what life would have been like if she'd had a normal childhood. Would she be off at college studying fashion or accounting? Would she have left school and gotten a job?

Well, technically she did end up doing the latter. But she couldn't have predicted that an affinity for languages, demon and human, or skills with edged weapons would see her living in London and running her own business.

"We out of Ginger Snaps?" Spike yelled from the kitchen.

"Ask the Retjulls." Dawn smiled as she heard a yelp. No, she wouldn't trade her life for anything.


open_on_sundaychallenge #153: a simpler life
Part of the London!verse


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27th Feb, 2006 12:07 (UTC)
Haha! Great stuff. :) Wondering "what if" is always good (well, for the viewers!).
27th Feb, 2006 21:30 (UTC)
Makes for an interesting writing exercise.
27th Feb, 2006 13:31 (UTC)
Would she left school and got a job?

Have left?

Still, this was so cute - there will be more, right?
27th Feb, 2006 21:34 (UTC)
Bugger! Stupid editing artefacts. Thanks for the catch.

There will sort of be more. Ideas this churned up may make it into a ficathon entry, but the muse is fickle and easily distracted, so who knows.
27th Feb, 2006 14:15 (UTC)

Awww...nice one!
27th Feb, 2006 21:34 (UTC)
Thank you!
27th Feb, 2006 14:20 (UTC)
Very enjoyable! *g*
27th Feb, 2006 22:02 (UTC)
Thank you, as always.
27th Feb, 2006 20:37 (UTC)
Awww. They're so cute together, and it's sweet that Dawn realizes what she has and how good it is.

Would she have left school and got a job?

And to keep the word count the same, perhaps or skills with edged weapons would see her living in London and running her own business.
27th Feb, 2006 22:06 (UTC)
It's tough to say what her life would have been like. She wouldn't have been the cheerleader, that was Buffy. She's smart enough, but maybe not the geek Willow was to have been excluded that way. I'd say she would have drifted through as an average student, running on a different track so she wouldn't follow in Buffy's shadow, but maybe excelled at a college level.

Her life seems far more interesting now than it could have been otherwise.

Thanks for the catch. Considering I was tooling about with that sentence for so long, it's surprising it makes sense at all.
28th Feb, 2006 08:15 (UTC)
You're just angling for ginger snaps aren't you?
You may have some tomorrow (mindful of the time difference I think that's in about 4 hours(?))
28th Feb, 2006 08:38 (UTC)
It's the first thing that came to mind and I miss them. Okay, I'm angling for Ginger Snaps.
28th Feb, 2006 08:48 (UTC)
I'd be willing to bet all our Jossverse heroes have had similar thoughts, at one time or another ...
28th Feb, 2006 10:30 (UTC)
I reckon you're right on that.
( 14 howls — talk to the wolf )