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RaimentRose gave Jack an appraising look as he joined them in the console room. She couldn't help but notice he was wearing leather trousers that were so tight you could almost see the veins on his —

"Sure you want to wear that?" The Doctor neatly derailed Rose's train of thought. "This is late 20th century, middle America."

Rose smiled as Jack argued with the Doctor over Earth customs. She had to admit he looked a treat, but it wasn't exactly what she'd call incognito. She could see it would all end in tears, which was par for the course, really.


dw100challenge #104: flirting with disaster


23rd Feb, 2006 11:49 (UTC)
Sounds like he'll be in trouble if he tries to pick a penny off the ground. Or sit down. ;)
23rd Feb, 2006 21:32 (UTC)
I don't think those would concern Jack that much. Breathing on the other hand...