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ProcrastinationAndrew couldn't muster up the enthusiasm to start creating the class schedule for his next group of junior Slayers. As the Watcher who got to deal with the raw recruits, he took a certain amount of pride in moulding them into the scourge of demonkind, but they were awful to deal with initially.

Leaning back in his chair, he closed the console window on his laptop. Trolling the stats of employee visited web sites had lost its appeal after he'd stumbled over someone's coprophilia fetish.

He clicked another icon and lost himself to the soothing art of procrastination by Solitaire.


open_on_sundaychallenge #152: the blahs
Part of the London!verse


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20th Feb, 2006 04:04 (UTC)
LMAO on the fetish!
20th Feb, 2006 04:10 (UTC)
I'm wondering how many people have to look it up first.

We have days like that at work where the dimmer employees learn all about exciting new words. It's so entertaining to see the baffled look on their face, hear them rabidly searching Google and then the cries of disgust.
20th Feb, 2006 04:16 (UTC)
You're evil. You do know that, right? *g*
20th Feb, 2006 04:56 (UTC)
I look on it as broading their minds. It's not my fault they haven't been trained not click on things that come with warnings. See, Slashdot can be educational.

I don't know whether that's classed as using my powers for good or evil. It may depend on whether you are the recipient of the new knowledge or the assumed bystander.
25th Feb, 2006 14:29 (UTC)
Me, I had to look it up. EW.
Spider solitaire'll take his mind off.
26th Feb, 2006 02:33 (UTC)
Spider Solitaire will do the trick nicely.
20th Feb, 2006 12:16 (UTC)
Eiouw! I knew such things existed but not that it had such a fancy name. What an educator you are.
20th Feb, 2006 12:30 (UTC)
There are some things you just can't unlearn. Feel free to share the knowledge on the unwary.
20th Feb, 2006 18:45 (UTC)
Procrastination is an artform, and so few people take the time to do it with style these days. Computer games are a good choice -- I applaud Andrew. ;-)

(Also, he checks out the websites the Council employees visit? Is that part of his job, or is this just leftover nerd trio hacking stuff? If so, will anyone find out and will he get in trouble?)
20th Feb, 2006 21:39 (UTC)
I don't think Andrew has enough time to make it part of his job, but he has enough skill that he would be defacto IT guy when the sysadmin isn't around. Whether that's official or not is another matter. He's knowledgeable enough to cover his tracks too, but discovering the creepy seems to have scared him away from geek dabbling for a while.
21st Feb, 2006 08:49 (UTC)
googling now ...
Let's see, coprophilia, coprophilia ... C ... o ... p ... There it is.

21st Feb, 2006 09:14 (UTC)
Re: googling now ...
If you're ever on Slashdot, do not follow the troll links to Goatse or tubgirl. Look it up on wikipedia, it will explain everything without the retina scarring images. And if warren_ellis suggests you don't look at something, there is a really good reason. You just can't unsee these things.

My co-worker thought I was pulling her leg about the vending machines in Japan that sell soiled schoolgirl underwear. I'll have to find a use for buru-sera now.
21st Feb, 2006 15:05 (UTC)
Re: googling now ...
Actually, the first match I got was on wikipedia, and that's where I went -- it wasn't the image, it was the thought that counted.
As you know, we writers have too much imagination. *shiver*

I'd heard about the Japanese vending machines. Personally, I'm a fan at looking at female underwear, preferably with the female in it, but I don't get the attraction of the "soiled" part. I can just imagine the outcry if somebody tried that here in the U.S.
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