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AnalysisRose checked her stopwatch and made a notation. "Next one, Jack."

Jack licked the syrup from the Doctor's chest and applied a dollop of whipped cream in its place.

As enjoyable as it was being the centre of attention, the Doctor wondered if he'd made a mistake in asking them to take an interest in science.

If he was lucky they wouldn't publish their findings. The Doctor didn't think he could deal with the embarrassment of becoming the subject of an Ig Nobel prize for The Comparative Study of Melting Points of Desserts in Relation to Time Lord Body Temperature.


dw100challenge #103: gracious/ungrateful


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19th Feb, 2006 04:54 (UTC)
*cracks up* Genius, on their part and yours. :-)
19th Feb, 2006 05:08 (UTC)
Thanks! I think I should stay away from the Improbable Research site, it leads me astray.
19th Feb, 2006 05:12 (UTC)
Heh. I haven't seen any Dr. Who since Tom Baker left the role, but this brought a smile to my face anyway!
19th Feb, 2006 05:15 (UTC)
Taking the piss on Little Britain I can deal with, but I think I'd rather not have the image of the fourth Doctor being tied down and licked.
19th Feb, 2006 05:21 (UTC)
Hmmm, I tend to agree with you. Except for that small problem though my heart still belongs to Tom.
19th Feb, 2006 14:38 (UTC)
Well, hello nurse! (As another old great once said.)

Where do I sign up to participate in that study?
19th Feb, 2006 22:31 (UTC)
If you can catch and tie up the Doctor, you're in.
20th Feb, 2006 02:37 (UTC)
Sounds like a fun game!
20th Feb, 2006 03:00 (UTC)
Possibly not one you'd like seeing released as a scientific study, but fun while you're involved.
20th Feb, 2006 19:27 (UTC)
I'm sure the government has some funding available.
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