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ParamourAndrew had known Xander long enough to know that the man had all the emotional maturity of a child. If he wasn't mooning over an object of lust, he was a wreck over whomever he was with; it had all become something of a running joke with his friends.

With the way Xander was behaving over his acquisition of a limited edition action figure, anyone would think he was planning his upcoming nuptials.

Nodding politely in agreement, Andrew wondered if a cult somewhere was missing a minion. Then he remembered Dracula and moved a little further away on the couch.


open_on_sundaychallenge #150: awkward cupid
Part of the London!verse


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6th Feb, 2006 01:04 (UTC)
*stares* *rereads* *cracks up*
6th Feb, 2006 01:36 (UTC)
Andrew may be a geek, but Xander is even geekier.
6th Feb, 2006 01:39 (UTC)
Hee! Great stuff!
6th Feb, 2006 01:42 (UTC)
6th Feb, 2006 09:53 (UTC)
Then he remembered Dracula and moved a little further away on the couch.

6th Feb, 2006 12:19 (UTC)
Xander makes a very good minion.
11th Feb, 2006 01:47 (UTC)
Xander is my very favourite part of that episode. *g*
6th Feb, 2006 11:45 (UTC)
Seriously -- Andrew's calling Xander immature?

.... Hm .... Yeah, I could see that.
6th Feb, 2006 12:20 (UTC)
I've let Andrew grow up a bit and he did have a herd of Slayers at his command in canon. Xander didn't quite manage to shake of his immaturity and I certainly haven't let him move on.
6th Feb, 2006 21:53 (UTC)
andrew vs xander
I've taken pretty much the opposite course: in my stories Xander has matured a bit, while I haven't really dealt much with Andrew at all. One of the reasons I like your Andrew is that he has grown up and accepted responsibility, but at the same time he's still got those little quirks that made him so interesting to begin with.
16th Feb, 2006 13:08 (UTC)
The nerd calling the geek odd! In other circumstances these two would have married! Well done.
16th Feb, 2006 21:28 (UTC)
While Andrew may live in hope of a relationship, I don't think Xander's quite there yet.
( 12 howls — talk to the wolf )