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UnconduciveThe Doctor had been right about the annual mass migration of Callibemmian crayfish being an amazing sight, but the planet wasn't terribly human friendly.

Between their rebreather masks, the atmosphere's poor sound conducting properties and the Doctor long ago cannibalising the rebreathers' bone conduction units for parts, they'd been rendered effectively deaf.

Rose had learned that, in the absence of external stimuli, her heartbeat and breathing sounded abnormally loud. She also discovered that if she had to watch Jack and the Doctor show off in improvised sign language one more time, she'd kill them both and use the mime defence.


dw100challenge #102: silence


28th Jan, 2006 08:43 (UTC)
Sorry about that, Chief.
29th Jan, 2006 06:17 (UTC)
I'll get over it. We don't have mime's in Albion -- town ordinance.