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ExasperateIt was turning out to be a slow night on surveillance, but demons never were much for timely arrivals. Spike had been amusing himself with the walkie-talkies.

"So that's how I ended up crashing one of Heff's parties." As he released the button, he heard the faint sound of a gurgling, followed by a body hitting the ground. Rolling his eyes, he changed channels and thumbed the handset. "Dawn, can you grab the portable defibrillator?"

There was a heavy sigh over the unit. "Didn't I ask you not to mention the Playboy Mansion around Xander?"

"You going to punish me?"


open_on_sundaychallenge #147: playboy bunnies
Part of the London!verse


( 13 howls — talk to the wolf )
16th Jan, 2006 13:51 (UTC)
Your Spike is so cute.
16th Jan, 2006 22:01 (UTC)
Xander may think otherwise, Spike does seem to be somewhat hazardous to his health.
16th Jan, 2006 18:18 (UTC)
It's good to see the plagiarism debacle hasn't hindered you from writing, not that I really thought it would. You've got too much gumption to be stopped by a cretin like that. :)
16th Jan, 2006 22:03 (UTC)
The whole debacle delayed my drabble for the day, but aside from that, it's been amusing more than anything.

As the lovely fatale pointed out: Welcome to the world of batshit crazy fandoms. I think that says it all.
16th Jan, 2006 21:54 (UTC)
Some how "playboy bunny" and Xander seemed to go together.
16th Jan, 2006 22:05 (UTC)
There is something of the grubby schoolboy fantasy and secreted under the bed magazines when you think of Xander, isn't there?
16th Jan, 2006 22:11 (UTC)
You are incorrigible. Never change. :-)
16th Jan, 2006 22:44 (UTC)
I am a bad, bad Wolf.

But as Xander seems to has survived my endless torturing of him, he may be made of sterner stuff, or silly putty. I'm undecided.
16th Jan, 2006 23:48 (UTC)
Silly putty. All fictional characters are made of silly putty, as per government decree, so as to allow them to survive being stretched and mauled by fanfic. *nods firmly*
16th Jan, 2006 23:56 (UTC)
As I recently saw a really cool video of how to break apart a huge lump of silly putty — you can't pull bits off, but it will shatter it you hit it with a hammer or drop it off a building — it may not be the best thing to be made of.

Poor, unsuspecting, fictional characters. Now, where did I put that hammer?
17th Jan, 2006 08:59 (UTC)
Hee hee ...
17th Jan, 2006 09:55 (UTC)

It's a dangerous life around these people and the danger doesn't always come from the monsters.
17th Jan, 2006 10:57 (UTC)
That's what makes it fun!
( 13 howls — talk to the wolf )