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It looks like there's a new plagiarist about. Well, not exactly a new plagiarist, since she's been getting away with it for more than a year, more like freshly discovered.

mommanerd made the discovery and most people involved have been notified via her post. As usual, stop_plagiarism has been notified.

I've been through the plagiarist's BloopDiary and aside from all of the stories appearing to be the work of others, it looks like icons, images and vids have been lifted as well. The thief also has a second BloopDiary, a third BloopDiary, a MySpace account and a second MySpace account.

For the record, my stolen drabbles are:

Confection [http://www.bloopdiary.com/viewentry.php?id=43796&num=42]

Badger [Cunningly renamed Gerlop demons: http://www.bloopdiary.com/viewentry.php?id=43796&num=53]

Bulwark [Cunningly renamed Dawn watches the watcher: http://www.bloopdiary.com/viewentry.php?id=43796&num=54]

Too Many Hands [http://www.bloopdiary.com/viewentry.php?id=43796&num=55]

It appears that, in most instances, the plagiarist has been too lazy to bother retitling the stolen work. I think that two of mine were renamed purely because the thief was too thick figure out the titles. I knew a horrible addiction to the thesaurus would come in handy one day.

Due to the dates of the last three stories on the plagiarist's site matching the dates I submitted to the Pit of Voles, it looks like it's probably not an LJ member. sockkpuppett has suggested she might frequent The Sandlot, but the time delay between fiction hitting the mailing list and it being posted to The Sandlot archive makes me think otherwise. But that doesn't mean it isn't a member of one of both of the mailing lists; Bloody Awful Gutter and Spike's Salvation. A common thread is still behind the thefts is still being worked upon.

Thanks to janedavitt, skybound2 and myfeetshowit (who also had her work nicked) for the heads up.


Troll Alert: It looks like my claims of plagiarism have attracted the attention of a troll.

irishvampire13 has decided that I am the latest plagiarist. Leaving aside the question of who wrote what first, or that so many authors and artists have been affected, it seems that me and all the other people involved are liars.

<sarcasm>Why yes, there is a secret cabal of LJ users who have been stalking the plagiarist and have been cunningly stealing her work before she writes it. It's all a giant conspiracy, we even have a secret handshake. In fact, we've done a deal with the Doctor and have been using the TARDIS for our nefarious schemes.</sarcasm>

I take back all my previous compliments to you.

Of all the accusers whom I've sincerely doubted (and I do doubt), at least you have spelled "plagiarism" correctly.

If you are being honest, and you're truly afraid, just friends-lock your journal.
And another delightful comment, that pretty much states once again that we're making the entire thing up; this time via FictionPress:

From: IrishVampire13 (http://www.fictionpress.com/profile.php?userid=71536)

You're over. I take back all the nice things I said about you. I hope someone DOES steal your stories. It seems a fit punishment for false accusers.
Apparently the plagiarist isn't the only bampot who has difficulty telling right from wrong and judging fantasy from reality.


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16th Jan, 2006 05:07 (UTC)
*sigh* She took from Myfeet too? I guess its primarily drabbles from what I'm hearing. I guess she's taking from the best, anyway. Sorry this happened to you, my dear.
16th Jan, 2006 05:08 (UTC)
Sorry, this is Sexymermaid. Forgot to log out of my other lj.
16th Jan, 2006 06:02 (UTC)
No worries. She seems to have stolen from a lot of people.

amybnnyc has tracked down most of the authors affected, but there are still a handful of stories in question.

Looks like SpikesBaby is getting a lesson in Beware the Wrath of LiveJournal.
16th Jan, 2006 05:33 (UTC)
I take back all my previous compliments to you.
Of all the accusers whom I've sincerely doubted (and I do doubt), at least you have spelled "plagiarism" correctly.

If you are being honest, and you're truly afraid, just friends-lock your journal.
16th Jan, 2006 05:50 (UTC)
I suggest you get off your high horse and go take a look at all the other work stolen by the same plagiarist. Nothing on the site is the work of the purported author.

Why on earth would I want to lock my LJ? Especially, when nothing was directly stolen from here. It has been lifted from other archives and mailing lists, meaning that a lock would be pointless. You have no concept of how the internet works if you believe locking an LJ protects your entries.

If you've been around long enough, you see this behaviour sooner or later. In this case, it's easier than usual to see who's at fault as the plagiarist has stolen from so many different people. Or perhaps you think they're all lying too and it's some giant conspiracy. Did you know that gullible isn't in the dictionary?
16th Jan, 2006 13:12 (UTC)
Re: I take back all my previous compliments to you.
How can you doubt? ::puzzled:: This isn't one author involved (and even then posting dates and such make it fairly simple to allocate ownership, not to mention people have fairly distintive styles) but many.

Plagiarism happens; I've seen it many times in my years here. It's sad, annoying behaviour by someone who really does have a problem if they can get any pleasure out of praise and credit for stolen work.

And why should someone have to lock their LJ (which has ramifications you may not have considered) or stop posting their fics to comms and archives to prevent this?

The plagiariser is the one who should stop.

Stop stealing, stop lying, stop spoiling it for everyone.

And, in your case, stop being so blind to the facts.
18th Jan, 2006 00:36 (UTC)
I have to wonder if we're all still lying when the plagiarist has not only been identified but has issued a public apology (of sorts) on one of her other journals.

Meh. Some people wouldn't know a clue if it walked up behind them and hit them with a housebrick. And it's not like any of the mountains of blindingly obvious facts were considered in the first place, so why should more evidence matter.
18th Jan, 2006 00:39 (UTC)
I think you're owed an apology from someone other than the plagiarist myself.

Although after seeing the ludicrous list of friending rules this person has ::dies of the snickers:: I wouldn't hold your breath ;-)
16th Jan, 2006 06:54 (UTC)
Man, that's fucked. So sorry to hear that you've been violated like this, my Wolf, although I imagine it's at least a little less painful knowing you aren't alone. There's just no excuse for plagiarism, and it sucks goat's ass that this person has not only done it so blatantly, but repeatedly and prolificly. 125 stoeln fics? Holy hell, that's just ridiculous!

God, people like that disgust me -- and anyone who defends them isn't any better. May the Wrath of Fandom United kick he/she/it's ass back to the slimy, scum-covered hole where it belongs.

And if I can help in any way, just let me know. I've got your back, Wolf. Now and always.
16th Jan, 2006 07:31 (UTC)
Usually they stick to one author, I can't recall so many being hit at once. But, as the plagiarist also has a BloopDiary full of stolen images, icons and vids, I suspect that's where they learned to spread their net a little wider.

mommanerd found the plagiarist, so between her post and the stop_plagiarism thread it looks like almost everyone affected has been notified and it's a matter of narrowing down information to find the person responsible. A lot of people have mentioned the BA_Gutter Yahoo Group, but some have only posted on open_on_sunday. It's all a bit up in the air at the moment.

What can I say, I've scored a plagiarist and a troll in one day. May you live in interesting times, indeed.
16th Jan, 2006 07:40 (UTC)
I went back and took a closer look at the list of stolen fics, icons, and vids and realised I actually knew the original identity of one of the 'unknown' poems.

So, to any naysayers too stupid to accept fandom's perception on this matter, how do you explain this when the original has been around for nigh on a decade?

Hope the person responsible for this atrocity is sussed out and ejected with extreme prejudice soon. Crap like this shouldn't happen to good people like you adn the other authors/icon-makers/vidders affected.
16th Jan, 2006 08:29 (UTC)
You legend! Thanks for adding it to the list.
16th Jan, 2006 13:03 (UTC)
My goodness. O_O;

I'm not surprised that the plagiarism happened; I'm more surprised that they stole from so many, given that writers' styles become identifiable over time as they post. (Toly suggests "low WIS score".)

I hope everyone's able to be identified successfully, and I'm glad someone found out.
16th Jan, 2006 21:45 (UTC)
I haven't checked this morning, but nearly all of the original authors had been tracked down and notified as of yesterday. It's mostly the Buffy fandom, but there were a few other pieces stolen as well.

Don't think I've seen a case of stealing multiple authors before either. Certainly made life easier for those affected, as it was blindingly obvious to everyone bar the troll who was responsible.

It certainly has been a wacky 24 hours.
16th Jan, 2006 14:33 (UTC)
Weeeeell. Welcome to the world of batshit crazy fandoms.

(I am so amused)
16th Jan, 2006 21:59 (UTC)
And to think, I'm usually on the periphery or hear about it two days later. It's certainly provided a lot of people with entertainment over the past 24 hours.

The plagiarist has a web site full of complaints, I think every fic on the site has been tracked back to the original author and if they haven't asked for a removal, someone else has on their behalf.

Many of the archives are furious over the theft, but as far as I know, she hasn't archived elsewhere. From the comments on the bloodiary, it appears that all involved are teenagers and none seem to have had any other contact with the fandom other than the plagiarist, so may well be school friends. Meh, who knows, she could be a 40-year-old used car salesman from Brooklyn for all I know.

I'm curious to see if the site gets pulled or the person responsible acknowledges that they've been a prat. It has made life interesting and so very amusing.
16th Jan, 2006 23:22 (UTC)
I just found out about your troll via darker_spike and just had a question for she/he/it to contribute: I do wonder how the decades-old poem identified by moonbeamsfanfic and the several 5-7 year old stories I found in one of her other journals last night were plagiarized from her years in advance? That's quite the curious circumstance.

*sigh* All of this is just unbelievable... I'm so sorry this is happening to you.
16th Jan, 2006 23:40 (UTC)
I'll live.

The troll has a history of attacking people for no reason; some I know personally, some have mentioned her trollish behaviour offlist and some are complete strangers I've stumbled across. She seems to love trolling through her friends of friends list and randomly targeting people.

I've seen her at work in the past, but this is the first time she's directly confronted me. Well, barring the whining and lying when I defriended her a month back, so perhaps it's revenge. Meh, who knows what goes through the mind of a troll, or a plagiarist for that matter. With the evidence at hand, not a hell of a lot, I would suspect.

A quick search via ljseek.com shows evidence of her having attacked toiffag a few days back, so I thought it was worth dragging this troll into the light so people know they aren't alone and also the reason why they suddenly may have suffered a hit and run attack from her.

I owe you a huge thank you for your efforts in tracking down the people affected. You have gone above and beyond and your hard work and enthusiasm more than make up for the petty inconveience of a couple of childish people. Thank you, you have been amazing.
17th Jan, 2006 01:08 (UTC)
Meh, who knows what goes through the mind of a troll, or a plagiarist for that matter. With the evidence at hand, not a hell of a lot, I would suspect.
So very, very true.

And you're more than welcome--I'm just glad I was able to help. This whole situation is just so far beyond appalling, really.
17th Jan, 2006 01:34 (UTC)
I just added links to the plagiarist's Yahoo account profiles to the stop_plagiariam thread and confirmed she is a live member of the ba_gutter Yahoo Group, where a lot of stolen fiction seems to have been sourced. A quick search through past messages dug up a single post asking for certain types of fic. She's a lurker, not a participant, but she would have to have seen the furore over her idiocy already, both one her bloopdiary and via ba_gutter.

It is getting a bit silly, when she's sitting there watching the reactions of some seriously miffed people and is still a member of the list.

Come, let us play hunt the plagiarist and make sport of their foolishness. What's the point of having teh 133t g33k skills if you can't put them to use?
17th Jan, 2006 02:05 (UTC)
Good job! And it is ridiculous that she should not react at all or stay in the group, particularly given how much of the outrage has shown up on-list.

Heh.. the l33t g33k skillz are handy, aren't they? I was actually running both desktop and laptop last night, one on broadband and one on dialup, getting all the information together--my significant other said I looked like Serenity's Mr. Universe, which I chose to take as a compliment. *g*
17th Jan, 2006 09:06 (UTC)
This royally stucks. What possible satisfaction can a person get from stealing a fanfic story? There's no feeling of accomplishment, and of course no monetary gain ... I just don't think I'll ever understand dishonest people.
17th Jan, 2006 09:57 (UTC)
You ought to see the list of stuff stolen, it's mind boggling.

Looks like the plagiarist has been run to ground. She's been booted from ba_gutter, the Yahoo Group she's been stealing from and we're waiting to hear back from her host over her violition of the T+C. No word from the person in question, but that's nothing new.
17th Jan, 2006 10:55 (UTC)
I just can't imagine how she can live with herself. I still feel guilty that I stole my cousin's toy soldiers when I was eight -- even after getting caught and having my hide tanned.
17th Jan, 2006 11:53 (UTC)
I don't think she gives a toss.
18th Jan, 2006 08:06 (UTC)
No, most people who do stuff like that don't.
17th Jan, 2006 10:31 (UTC)
Makes me glad that I am not a good enough writer for anyone to steal my stuff.
Plagiarism is a dreadful crime.
I'm the kind of person who worries when I realise that I have inadvertantly used just one line from someone else's fic without okaying it with them first!!
17th Jan, 2006 11:56 (UTC)
I certainly never expected it.

It looks like she's been trolling on the ba_gutter mailing list. Whether it was a matter of something posted that day catching her fancy or targeting certain writers, I don't know. I lean towards the former. Three of mine were posted to the mailing list and magically appeared on her site the same day. Random acts of stupidity.
17th Jan, 2006 22:11 (UTC)
via the stop_plagiariam thread: the BloopDiary full of stolen fic has been deleted, possibly by the site administrators, and there has been a half-arse apology on one of the plagiarist's other journals:
I think I am going to leave bloop.. I made a huge mistake and I dont think i am going to be able to come back from this one. I have alot of people that now hate me.. and with good reason. So I think the only thing left for me to do is just leave. Im sorry for everything. I am just so messed up right now with everything that I just dont know what I am doing anymore. My whole life has fallen apart around me and there was nothing I could do to stop it. I just wanted people to think I was somthing special something Im not. So im sorry.
After which, she changed her mind, will stick around and no doubt offend again:
I was thinking about leaving blood because of a mistake i made but I am going to stick it out and try my best to make things better. Im not proud of what I did But I can change what I DO..
Somehow, I just can't see her feeling much contrition over her theft. She's old enough to know what she has done is wrong, but continued doing it for over a year. I can't help but think that any decision to leave BloopDiary will be based on her being caught as a known plagiarist and the need to find a new place to ply her idiocy.

And now, even though the plagiarist has been outed and sort of apologised, it's a safe bet the resident troll will still believe it's all an elaborate conspiracy.
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