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HabilimentWhen the Doctor and Jack came looking for Rose, they found her standing in the TARDIS' wardrobe eyeing a dress with suspicion.

"Don't get me wrong, this is gorgeous." She ran her fingers over the rich fabric of the skirts. "But I don't think I'll be able to breathe in it and there's no way I can handle this corset on my own, let alone sew the bodice in place. How on Earth did you manage to seduce women in garments that required a team of trained professionals to remove?"

Jack produced a small blade with a flourish. "Come prepared."


dw100challenge #101: resolution


16th Jan, 2006 04:00 (UTC)
Many thanks.

janedavitt tipped me off about another one about 15 minutes back. I've found four so far.

From the dates on the last three it pinched, it looks like our plagiarist is stealing from the Pit of Voles (fanfiction.net) rather than LJ.

I greatly appreciate the heads up.
16th Jan, 2006 04:19 (UTC)
Glad to help. Sorry that it even has to have happen though. Stupid thieves...