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DiscrepantAndrew had found it different living in London compared to Rome.

Rome had been a completely alien experience and he'd loved it, but London was familiar enough that it became the little things that threw him.

He'd quickly gotten used to the weather and people driving on the wrong side of the road, but was still baffled by the mass adoration of hideous Australian soap operas.

Then there was the issue of food. Breakfast cereals were not quite right and it was odd seeing displays of mirror world candy bars. He suspected his addiction to Rolos might become a problem.


open_on_sundaychallenge #146: looking into a mirror
Part of the London!verse


9th Jan, 2006 21:30 (UTC)
Whatever they have, it should never be allowed to use the name chocolate. The low melting point still spins out and the taste is best not mentioned.

Fantales are a little similar to Rolos, but Rolos have a smoother taste, and they've gotten softer too. I quite miss the old cobbers of my youth, you could lose teeth to their caramel centres.

Thanks for the catch with the missing n, always appreciated.