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CantillateJack had bargained hard for the bottle of Regalian Brandy and was looking forward to enjoying it. Unfortunately, the tales of its legendary status had skipped the part about it encouraging the drinker to sing. Quite badly, as it turned out.

After nearly getting throttled before he'd the chance to knock any bottles of beer off the wall, he challenged the Doctor and Rose to come up with something better and discovered that they did a surprising duet of increasingly bawdy rugby songs.

As cultural benchmarks went, it was a more colourful look at the 21st century than he'd expected.


dw100challenge #99: 99 bottles of beer (and other annoying songs)


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31st Dec, 2005 13:11 (UTC)
they did a surprising duet of increasingly bawdy rugby songs

*worships at your feet*

Freaking hilarious.
31st Dec, 2005 13:30 (UTC)
It doesn't take much to picture Jack demanding they teach them to him. Ahh... the Engineer's Song... it does bring back memories of a misspent youth.
31st Dec, 2005 14:45 (UTC)
Very funny. :) Sometimes you can get people to "reset" the bottles-of-beer song by shouting out another number.

"Seventeen bottles of beer, / Take one down and pass it around - "
"Forty-one bottles of beer on the wall!"

Helps if they're not all there at the moment, though. ;)
31st Dec, 2005 23:16 (UTC)
I'm left wondering why you'd want to reset the number up, but torturing drunken people is always entertaining.
31st Dec, 2005 15:28 (UTC)
But... I can't imagine Jack not being able to sing 'cos John's such a gifted singer. *scratches head*

Have you seen John Barrowman's New Year's greetings? It involves a kilt... ;)
31st Dec, 2005 23:18 (UTC)
It's not a matter of singing ability, more of bad choice of song. And I really dislike 99 Bottles of Beer.

Have seen the kilt pic. Can never have too many of those.
31st Dec, 2005 22:50 (UTC)
*is vastly amused*
31st Dec, 2005 23:19 (UTC)
There's nothing like a round of bawdy rugby songs.
31st Dec, 2005 23:44 (UTC)
Hiya! Belated Happy New Year
31st Dec, 2005 23:52 (UTC)
My time zone brain is okay provided I reduce everything to GMT, but it tends to get a little wiggy with daylight savings. It's either just before midnight or gone an hour past for you.

Happy New Year, you ginger snap teaser, you!
1st Jan, 2006 00:20 (UTC)
it was just before and now it is just after :D
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