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ConnectionThe Doctor noticed that the TARDIS was making an odd chirping noise.

The sound led him through the corridors to a jammed door. Forcing it open, the Doctor was surprised to find a room full of street signs, lamp posts, parking meters and knee-deep in snow, with Jack and Rose huddling together for warmth.

But then, if they hadn't managed to get their tongues stuck to a steel pole, they wouldn't have been at the mercy of an environmental quirk.

Shaking his head as he wielded his sonic screwdriver, the Doctor wondered if chirping was the equivalent of TARDIS laughter.


dw100challenge #96: frozen


( 7 howls — talk to the wolf )
9th Dec, 2005 13:10 (UTC)
Silly pair! :D
9th Dec, 2005 21:42 (UTC)
They are, aren't they?
9th Dec, 2005 13:28 (UTC)

*uses her icon of Rose with said tongue poking out*

*sporfles some more*

I know I've said this before, but I do so enjoy how your brain works.
9th Dec, 2005 21:46 (UTC)
I'm sure poking tongues out was how it all got started too.

My brain thanks you. Well, it made splooshing noises.
9th Dec, 2005 21:33 (UTC)
I would have reckoned Rose to be smarter than that. :D That's just precious.
9th Dec, 2005 21:51 (UTC)
You'd think so, but it pays to never overestimate human intelligence enmasse.
10th Jan, 2006 05:17 (UTC)
*thinks of the 2004 US election* Too true.
( 7 howls — talk to the wolf )