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PersuaderRose leaned against one of the console room support columns and interrupted the Doctor's latest tirade against humanity.

"Doesn't anyone ever get the hump with you calling them stupid apes?"

The Doctor stood upright and thought for a moment. "Once."

"What happened?"

"Sunk her teeth into my leg until our difference of opinion was resolved. Ruined a perfectly good pair of trousers."

"She objected to being called stupid?"

The Doctor smiled. "Actually, she objected to being called an ape."

Rose picked up the Doctor's mallet, gently cradled its head. "Nice to know it's possible for you to learn new things."


dw100challenge #94: prodigy
Part of the Wolf&Declán!verse


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30th Nov, 2005 16:36 (UTC)
Sounds like the good Doctor's about to get another lesson!
30th Nov, 2005 21:23 (UTC)
Or, at least, threatened rather vigorously.
1st Dec, 2005 06:43 (UTC)
That can be a lesson by itself. By the way, while the grammar is technically incorrect, I think it flowed better. I get called on my grammar all the time, but I write it the way it sounds best when spoken out loud.
1st Dec, 2005 08:32 (UTC)
edenfalling is my external grammar brain. My internal brain is always a bit iffy when I post late at night. But, I agree, that sometimes things just flow better when you bend the rules.
1st Dec, 2005 09:08 (UTC)
Same here, and it's late at night now. My wife used to be my external grammar brain, but since the divorce she hasn't been so eager to help.
30th Nov, 2005 23:14 (UTC)
That would be Wolf, right? Squee! Also, Rose has a mallet. I sense a 'lesson' coming up... *grin*

"Actually," the Doctor smiled. "She objected to being called an ape." --The punctuation and phrasing here is a little screwy, but I'm not sure how you'd want to fix it.

Rose picked up the Doctor's mallet, gently cradled its head. --This is technically a run-on, but I kind of like it from a stylistic point of view. *shrug*
30th Nov, 2005 23:45 (UTC)
I left mention of Wolf out because it's very tangental, but you're right. I will add a reference now.

Transposed the first weirdness and left the second. I wanted the image of Rose weighing up the mallet while talking to the Doctor. Thanks for picking up my grammar oddities.
( 7 howls — talk to the wolf )