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Above and Beyond

Above and BeyondSpike had sent Andrew and Xander off to create a distraction, while he and Dawn dealt with the demon, but it appeared that the boys had gotten a little carried away.

"What on earth are they arguing about?"

Spike gave Dawn a short version of the long running argument. "Xander claims that Johnny Cash is the greatest country singer of all time, while Andrew counters that Johnny Cash is in a class of his own like Roy Orbison and James Brown."

"I wouldn't trust Xander when it comes to music, he still thinks the Village People were a straight act."


open_on_sundaychallenge #140: country music
Thanks go to feorag for info and the punch line
Part of the London!verse


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(Deleted comment)
28th Nov, 2005 04:08 (UTC)
Huh! Well, there you go, I have learned something for the day. Can't Stop the Music, which I was watching on the weekend, seems to have a lot to answer for. Perhaps that could be said of a lot of 80s movies.
28th Nov, 2005 04:20 (UTC)
Have tweaked it.

Bugger, Glenn Hughes died in 2001. Why does nobody tell me these things? He was adorable.
(Deleted comment)
28th Nov, 2005 12:17 (UTC)
he still thinks the Village People were a straight act

Perfect! Many thanks!

They must've found the only 5 secure straight men in the US.

That's what spins me out the most. I think I've just managed to love them even more.

There's a dancing show on the ABC that just finished for the year and they've had a couple of same sex dance partners. Usually the girls pair up because there's a lack of male partners, but everyone assumed the male pair were a couple. Both are dance instructors in need of a partner and figured, what the hell. Only one was gay and his the straight partner couldn't give a stuff if that's what people assumed of him.
28th Nov, 2005 09:52 (UTC)
Yeah, but the sexuality of the performers doesn't stop them from being 'gay icons' does it?

The punchline of the story really made me laugh. :D
28th Nov, 2005 21:26 (UTC)
Thanks. It's since been improved by feorag... Yay! I really need to have words with the muse.
28th Nov, 2005 21:50 (UTC)
Butt, but where were the pancakes ? Or was I reading too much into the title?
28th Nov, 2005 22:00 (UTC)
Perhaps you were because you've lost me on the pancake reference.
29th Nov, 2005 12:51 (UTC)
Once upon a time - 1995 -and set not too far into the future - 2063 - there was an amazing tv show (far too short lived imho) called Space Above and Beyond. Bad aliens, loyal marines fighting on planets with diabolical names and a plots within plots. I could get really carried away explaining.
Anyhoo guest appearance of hard arsed, Johnny Cash playing, marine Colonel Ray Butts who is apparently up to no good involves pancakes but if you really don't know it would take far too much explaining.
29th Nov, 2005 21:21 (UTC)
I loved S:AAB. Been years since I've seen it though and can't recall Johnny Cash in it. I always think of him as the Coyote in the Simpsons.
29th Nov, 2005 22:18 (UTC)
Hawks and a couple of the others gather around the fighter Butts has arrived in and start rooting around: the music in the *CD player* is the 'Man in Black'.
I had a retro moment and double checked by watching a...a...video

29th Nov, 2005 06:48 (UTC)
This one time, I vote with Andrew. Johnny Cash transcends any one musical genre.

What pancakes?
29th Nov, 2005 08:46 (UTC)
Re: Pancakes?
Johnny Cash is the only singer who could even be considered country that comes anywhere near my iPod. That's not for his choice of music, but his killer voice.

I'm confused by the pancakes too. Either it's a reference I've forgotten or an ad campaign that I don't get at my end of the world.
29th Nov, 2005 09:19 (UTC)
memory, or lack thereof
I don't think in terms of genre so much as whether I like the artist. Having said that, I'm forced to add that I don't know very many country artists; mostly just Cash, Garth Brooks and the Dixie Twits. Give me Norah Jones. Or Spike Jones. Or Tommy Lee Jones.

The ad idea is probably most likely pancake reference. But I've gotten e-mails before that caused me to scramble back into my history, trying to figure out what I said that the writer was talking about. Another sign that I talk too much.
30th Nov, 2005 11:41 (UTC)
Oh yes, Space: Above and Beyond! Used to love that. Don't make me search for the videos, but yes there were pancakes. At the very end of that ep the Wildcards sent their breakfast pancakes into space as a tribute to the Cash-loving Colonel 'cos he'd died a black-hole. It was to do with something he used to say... dunno.

What does this have to to with Xander and the Village People?

*scratches head*
30th Nov, 2005 16:11 (UTC)
I saw title,
I saw Cash,
And my brain hotwired to somewhere *other*.
I think SAAB was the first thing I ever wanted to write fic about...It all stayed in my head though :-).
30th Nov, 2005 23:17 (UTC)
Oh right, I get it now!

S:AAB was the first fic I ever read and I had serious plot bunnies, although I'd never have dared to write anything at the time. Shame it never made a 2nd series.
30th Nov, 2005 23:31 (UTC)
I saw Cash and thought Simpsons and Henry Rollins, so my brain went on a completely different tangent.
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