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Vexation"They're horrible." Andrew spun himself around in his office chair.

"Granted," Giles agreed. "But surely you can handle a group of little girls."

Andrew planted his feet on the floor and stared at Giles in horror. "Little girls? Most of them are taller than I am. You only had to deal with one Slayer, I get them en masse and just when they start to respect me, I get a new batch. Can't I just drop them down an elevator shaft?"

Giles savoured the thought a moment too long. "That would be wrong."

"Launch them from a trebuchet?"




open_on_sundaychallenge #138: being dizzy
Part of the London!verse


15th Nov, 2005 03:43 (UTC)
I don't know why you removed me. I thought you were cool. You were one of my most interesting Flist people. Not to mention a fantastic writer and icon-maker.

But if that's what you want, I guess I'll see ya 'round. I'm dismayed, but no hard feelings.

Keep up the good writing.
15th Nov, 2005 03:56 (UTC)
Re: But...
I follow LJ for fiction, so most of the people on my flist are either writers or people I know through means outside of LJ.

I've cut my flist back a lot because it was getting unwieldy. Most of those cuts were because either the writer's interests or mine have moved in different directions.

If you feel you can't read my fics without your being on my flist, that is your decision to make.