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Vexation"They're horrible." Andrew spun himself around in his office chair.

"Granted," Giles agreed. "But surely you can handle a group of little girls."

Andrew planted his feet on the floor and stared at Giles in horror. "Little girls? Most of them are taller than I am. You only had to deal with one Slayer, I get them en masse and just when they start to respect me, I get a new batch. Can't I just drop them down an elevator shaft?"

Giles savoured the thought a moment too long. "That would be wrong."

"Launch them from a trebuchet?"




open_on_sundaychallenge #138: being dizzy
Part of the London!verse


14th Nov, 2005 11:59 (UTC)
Re: I can see my house from heeeeeeerrrrrrreeeeee......
You need to get them one at a time. Tell them there's a really good view of closed lot where they're shooting that new Brad Pitt movie if they climb up onto the sling.

I may have put a bit to much thought into slinging junior Slayers.
15th Nov, 2005 12:56 (UTC)
Slinging Slayers
Yeah, there is the question of why you put so much time into the idea, but we all have our dark sides.

The Brad Pitt idea is excellent. We mustn't forget that they're slayers, but they're still young women. Which, speaking of dark sides, is most likely one reason why I became so interested in the show.