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Exile 10: Athenaeum

AthenaeumHammell walked through the halls of the château with Wolf on his arm. With Hammell resplendent in his full dress uniform and Wolf in leather and bare feet, they made for an odd couple.

"I take it you're not really the Doctor's bodyguard."

Wolf smiled as she looked up at Hammell. "I'm not hired as his bodyguard, if that's what you're asking, but I'm more than capable of doing the job."

"I noticed that." Hammell chuckled warmly and patted Wolf's hand. "But you didn't need to play the part."

"Ah." Wolf nodded in understanding as they walked past yet another stern looking family portrait. "If I had dressed in something more conventional I would have spent the evening trapped in the clutches of that hideous woman at our table and been forced to nod politely as she rabbitted on about her poor husband and whatever gossip floats her boat. And would I probably never would have met you or Jenner or Roberto."

"That would have been a shame," Hammell agreed. "But you wouldn't have caught the attention of your new suitor either."

Waving the concern away, Wolf's voice hardened. "Better he picked me than someone who couldn't fight him off."

"A fair call." Bowing his head in acknowledgement, Hammell opened a door and ushered Wolf into a large book-lined room. "I have to give Jenner a hand in quieting things down. I trust you'll stay here until we have your little problem sorted out."

"You have my word." Hammell bowed formally and left Wolf to her own devices in the library.

Wolf was quite pleased with her temporary accommodations. It beat a holding cell and offered much in the way of distractions. She examined the shelves, selecting books at random and examining them. After finding a romance, a fairy tale and a science tome shelved side by side, she decided that the library had been categorised by a madman. Looking around the walls, she realised that the madman in question had been an illiterate interior designer who ordered books in bulk by size and colour, and then shelved them so the spine titles formed pretty patterns. She shuddered, certain that such behaviour should be declared a killing offence.

"Now that you've finished flirting with Hammell, perhaps you can turn you're attention to the matter at hand." She didn't hear the Doctor's voice in her ear so much as in her head. It was oddly disconcerting.

"I don't flirt." The earpiece the Doctor had handed her transmitted both voice and surface thoughts via the TARDIS, which came in handy if you were under surveillance or didn't want to be caught in the middle of a crowd talking to yourself.

The Doctor didn't reply. Wolf had limited people skills. She was fine with someone like Hammell or Roberto where she shared an interest, but blunt to the point of uselessness with most people. In general, she was belligerent and had a tendency to rant, although, oddly enough, she was more mellow when intoxicated, if prone to kiss complete strangers. "I've been chatting to that floating herd of debutantes and, while they found your stalker unpleasant, it was more an impression than anything he may have said. He might stand a chance of throwing his weight around and claiming an unprovoked attack, in which case I suggest for start looking to make your escape."

Wolf selected another book and flicked through it, an engineering book this time. She frowned in thought as she looked at the diagrams. "I think he picked me because he mistook me for your property. I wasn't part of his social circle and he saw me as fair game."

"Which means he won't have been hitting on the local talent." The Doctor followed her train of thought. "You think this was targeted to type or status?"

Settling herself in one of the library's comfortable chairs, Wolf considered the question. "Both. I think he's smart enough not to shit in his own nest, so he'll see most people at the party as untouchable. Have a chat to Roberto and see if he's had any female apprentices disappear. I get the impression this bloke wants to play with strong women."

"Might be worth having a chat with Hammell and Jenner too, then. See if they've lost any military lasses. Try and stay out of trouble, yeah."

Wolf had managed to find several more engineering and metallurgy books in the hodgepodge collection. She was spending her time making copious notes and comparisons on her reading material with the TARDIS while tuning out the Doctor's conversations with their dinner companions. She'd amassed quite a pile of books before she heard back directly from the Doctor.

"Just got a note from Jenner." Wolf could hear the smugness in his voice. "You pegged the bastard. Jenner sent some men around to his house and they found a couple of drugged girls in the basement. One had gone missing recently from Roberto's guild, the other from the leatherworker's guild. This bloke is in some serious shit." The library door was flung open and the Doctor walked into the room with a huge grin on his face. "You're in the clear." He grabbed Wolf in a bear hug.

"I'd better go thank Hammell and Jenner." Wolf returned the Doctor's grin. "Then we should get out of here before I really manage to upset the wrong person."


15minuteficletsword #125: odious
pheralchallenge: whumping
Part of the Exile!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


( 6 howls — talk to the wolf )
19th Oct, 2005 19:01 (UTC)
Good, as always! And I'm inclined to agree with the last line. *giggles*

Also...damn! I want to check out that library! :D
19th Oct, 2005 21:38 (UTC)
If you want to see the library try any pretentious Victorian wanker's place. I was quite the thing to do to order books by volume to fill a library and having seen that useless Shabby Chic bimbo doing the same thing, nothing much has changed.
19th Oct, 2005 22:04 (UTC)
~~quite the thing to do to order books by volume to fill a library~~
*chuckles* Then very likely they didn't even read them, and they'd never miss a few truant volumes. Ah, the ridiculous things people do to keep up appearances.
23rd Aug, 2006 21:10 (UTC)
hey, god bless lj-seek, because i just refound this series you wrote for me! i can't recall exactly, but i believe i stopped reading about when our resident troll had her fun. I'd forgotten clean about this, and was really glad to sit here and read the parts i'd missed....

I totally loved this:

When Wolf did manage to surface from the depths of his ship, they practically lived on top of one another, which was literally true when they worked together under the console flooring panels. Their legs interlaced as they ate at the bench in the kitchen and they leaned against one another in the library.

it was just a wonderful thing to imagine, something i'd find so comforting myself.

and Wolf's conduct at the party...

Feeling a foot run up the inside of her thigh, Wolf threw back her chair, grabbed the foot, yanked the man under the table and knelt on his chest. She ran her tongue over her right canine, then her left, before smiling widely as she pushed a parfait spoon into the skin below his eye and neatly popping it out of its socket.

lmao!! utterly fantastic. >:P

and this: After finding a romance, a fairy tale and a science tome shelved side by side, she decided that the library had been categorised by a madman. lolol!

Overall, i loved this series, thank you so much for writing it for me! I love the setting, the interactions and the fact that Wolf's strength caught her that bastard kidnapper. i'm with Moon when she said (in one of the earlier parts) that this one felt kinda special, and i always love when you mix your own characters with established canon tv-show characters.. it seems to lend more realism to the whole affair, and makes it ten times more fun to read. :D
23rd Aug, 2006 21:59 (UTC)
I'm glad you enjoyed it. There was meant to be more, but it pretty much got abandoned about the time you went AWOL and I never got back into it.

And thanks to you catching up, I've just spotted an editing artefact. Yay!

28th Aug, 2006 00:47 (UTC)
::snort:: yay!

and hey, if you ever decide to write more, i'll be right here cheering away in the background. :D or possibly foaming at the mouth, depending on the whump content. rowr. >:P
( 6 howls — talk to the wolf )