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Indiscretion 02: Cultivation

CultivationThe Doctor was leaning over Jack, trying to remove the man's collar with his sonic screwdriver. He hadn't had much luck.

"Think I've found something." Rose wandered out of the library stacks and laid a heavy book on the reading table. "Says here it'll be released when he offers the leash holder a pleasurable experience."

The Doctor sighed. "I don't suppose that covers dinner and a foot massage, then."

Rose consulted the text again. "Says it has to be enjoyed by both parties."

"You know you've both held this." Jack twirled the leash in his fingers and smiled widely. "Threesome?"


dw100challenge #90: trick or treat
For mad_jaks, who stalked woke me up this morning with the suggestion of a follow up to Impropriety
Part of the Indiscretion!verse
Tags: doctor who, fan fiction, fiction, indiscretion, jack harkness, ninth doctor, rose tyler
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