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InclementA flash of lightning lit the room, but the following clap of thunder was almost drowned out by a primal scream of frustration. Rachel was cursing the thunder gods for killing the power. It was an enlightening example of imaginative swearing.

"I take it the UPS hasn't shown up?" There was no answer, but Dawn could swear she heard grinding teeth.

Dawn gasped as the next flash of lightning illuminated a bedraggled figure clutching a sodden box.

"You're five minutes too late, Andrew." Rachel's voice was low and menacing.

Dawn wasn't sure the puddle at Andrew's feet was entirely rainwater.


open_on_sundaychallenge #134: thunder/lightning
Part of the London!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


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18th Oct, 2005 01:49 (UTC)
Poor Andrew. *pets him soothingly* Am somewhat confused about the setting/backstory to this incident, though.
18th Oct, 2005 02:29 (UTC)
The UPS is an Uninterruptible Power Supply in this case, rather than a courier company. It's what Andrew brings back a tad too late, as the storm has killed the power, taking the lights and computers with it.
18th Oct, 2005 02:48 (UTC)
Ah! Suddenly it all makes sense.

(I had one of those once. It never worked. My secret suspicion was that I put that battery in backwards, except when I tried turning it the other way around, it would fit in at all. I eventually gave up, chucked it out, and went with a basic surge protector instead.)
18th Oct, 2005 04:50 (UTC)
~~Uninterruptible Power Supply~~
That had me confused, too; many thanks for the explanation (even if it was directed to edenfalling). :)
( 4 howls — talk to the wolf )