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Indiscretion 01: Impropriety

ImproprietyThe Doctor raised an eyebrow as Rose and Jack joined him.

"You might have mentioned this is a matriarchal society. Jack tried his charms on the wrong woman."

"Her friend with the head crest wanted to skin me alive."

Turning from one to the other as they described their ordeal, the Doctor felt like he was watching a tennis game. "So what does that have to do with Jack's new accessory?"

"The ladies thought it'd help keep my pet in line." As Rose handed the leash to the Doctor, she whispered in his ear. "But I think he likes it."


dw100challenge #89: witch
Part of the Indiscretion!verse
Tags: doctor who, fan fiction, fiction, indiscretion, jack harkness, ninth doctor, rose tyler
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