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DiversionAndrew made a strangled noise and dashed for the bathroom.

"Leave him alone." Rachel didn't bother looking up from her work.

"I'm nowhere near Andrew." Spike was draped over a Barcelona chair that he'd dragged through from reception.

Dawn bounced a ball of paper off his head. "Quit with the..." She made undulating moves with her hand. "You've seen him turn three shades of green already. I'd like to get his translation done without you torturing him for entertainment."

Rachel interrupted. "What's Hypthic for ceremony?"

"Ruth'kil." Spike caught the photocopied pages she tossed him.

"Congratulations, you're a translator. Translate that."


open_on_sundaychallenge #133: the ocean
Part of the London!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


( 9 howls — talk to the wolf )
10th Oct, 2005 03:50 (UTC)

Hee! Love it when Spike gets a touch of his own snarky medicine! And, yay for a Spawn moment!
10th Oct, 2005 06:01 (UTC)
The girls seem to be fine with the admin side of running the business, but bored vampire wrangling is starting to be a quite the finely honed skill too.
10th Oct, 2005 05:02 (UTC)
I'm starting to feel sorry for him, at this rate. :)
10th Oct, 2005 06:02 (UTC)
He didn't have to look up. He could have just ignored Spike.
10th Oct, 2005 06:51 (UTC)
I'm suddenly quite glad that I don't know what Spike was doing.
10th Oct, 2005 05:25 (UTC)
Naughty Spike. Poor Andrew!
10th Oct, 2005 06:02 (UTC)
Dealing with men is like running a pre-school at times.
10th Oct, 2005 05:35 (UTC)
Hmmf, boys. It's like dealing with kindergarten children, isn't it? Poor Rachel. I think she needs a hug for dealing so deftly with Spike's immaturity.

And possibly a foot massage. :P
10th Oct, 2005 06:04 (UTC)
You've just drifted off into that happy place of Declán fondling again, haven't you?
( 9 howls — talk to the wolf )