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Concomitant"I'm telling you now, you won't like it."

Rose ignored him, paying the shopkeeper as she took her purchase.

It has been one of those odd little coincidences that she loved. Another planet, another time, yet they still enjoyed the simple pleasure of an ice cream cone.

She ran her tongue across the treat and smiled at the Doctor, before screwing her face up in disgust.

It was like blueberries or Dr Pepper. The initial taste was fine, but than awful aftertaste kicked in.

"Burnt sprouts?" Rose nodded as she binned the dessert. "Lucky you didn't try the custard then."


dw100challenge #88: spook


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8th Oct, 2005 16:26 (UTC)
Hee! Funny even if you're one of the people who likes blueberries and Dr. Pepper. Aftertastes are of the evil.
9th Oct, 2005 01:14 (UTC)
It's not so much the aftertaste, it's that time delay before the evil gets you that irks me.
8th Oct, 2005 18:30 (UTC)
~~It was like blueberries or Dr Pepper.~~
Brilliant description, as far as I'm concerned. *remembers the vile, mediciny taste of Dr. Pepper when I was dumb enough to try it* Poor Rose. (I feel like I've been saying that a lot lately.) :-D
9th Oct, 2005 01:18 (UTC)
Aftertastes are not a lot of fun.
( 4 howls — talk to the wolf )