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Footwear Carnage

Footwear CarnageA pair of once white sneakers were held gingerly at arms length. Buffy dropped them into the sink before they could drip any more gore on the floor and followed the sound of the television, finding her sister snuggled against Spike on the lounge.

"What happened in the yard?"

Spike looked down in embarrassment, explaining about accidentally dropping a bag of blood. Buffy snorted and went to see if her shoes were salvageable.

"Good thing she doesn't know about the dismembered demon in the boot of the car, Bit." The back door slammed as Buffy ran to the garage. "Bugger."

open_on_sundaychallenge #49: unintentional confession
Part of the Training!verse


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1st Mar, 2004 11:57 (UTC)
*laughing and applauding* They strike again!
1st Mar, 2004 12:20 (UTC)
You've got to give them credit, they did do the hard work in removing the evidence. It's just that actually driving it out to dump would have cut into serious movie time. You have to have some priorities in life.
(Deleted comment)
4th Mar, 2004 02:41 (UTC)
As would I. Smiling innocently no doubt.

No, really. Body in the boot? You must have misheard. Why on earth would we be leaving corpses about the house?

Buffy should be grateful they hadn't been watching The Godfather and actually gotten creative with the disposal of body parts.
( 3 howls — talk to the wolf )