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Abradere"Remind me again why he's here." Spike was glaring at Andrew, who was happily dangling his toes in the water.

Dawn went over it for the third time. "Because I'm better with a sword and you'd rather I wasn't bait in case something went wrong."

"Okay, but if he says it one more time, I'm killing him."

An owl hooted, making the frogs briefly cease their serenade. Andrew gave a deep, soulful sigh. "Ah... the serenity."

The timely arrival of a large, slavering Gryukl demon saw to it that Andrew never learned just how close he'd been to becoming self-assembled.


open_on_sundaychallenge #132: serenity
Part of the London!verse
Tags: andrew wells, dawn summers, fan fiction, fiction, london, spike
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