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Pneumatic Tube

Pneumatic TubeRose stormed into the Console Room. "Where's Mr Wibble?"

Jack's disembodied voice sounded from beneath the floor. "Only the Shadow knows."

Picking up a hefty tool, Rose dropped it through an open panel and departed.

Jack surfaced, gingerly fingering the lump on the back of his head.

"Stay out of Rose's things and stop playing with the pneumatic tube network." The Doctor had it installed on a whim during a brief infatuation with Victoriana, but with the TARDIS rearranging things, the system had never worked properly. There was a good chance Mr Wibble would meet the recycler like his predecessor.


dw100challenge #86: shadow


26th Sep, 2005 08:25 (UTC)
I love the dialogue in this. Short, sweet, and so full of humor.
26th Sep, 2005 08:46 (UTC)
Many thanks!