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Exile 08: Interim

InterimWolf had been polite, but jumpy, while the Duke and Duchess had thanked her for saving their son's life. Once the happy parents had been called away to their duties of meeting and greeting, Wolf relaxed into her guise as the Doctor's bodyguard and glared menacingly at anyone approaching.

The Doctor thought they might need to leave early before his companion terrified the wrong person, when the local metalwork guild master introduced himself and caught her interest.

He smiled fondly as he watched her, now deep in conversation with the heavyset guild master and a high ranking military man. She may not have been fond of pomp and circumstance, but find something that interested her and she was happy.

It was more than he could say for himself, as he chatted to several mindless bureaucrats and hangers-on, but at least they were better than the elderly lech who offered to buy Wolf. The Doctor was almost tempted to take the man up on his offer just to see how long he lived after taking ownership of his new toy.

Noticing the servants finishing preparations for dinner, he waved to Wolf, who excused herself from her conversation and joined him. He smiled when she noticed his hands twitch at her approach and sighed softly as she brushed her fingers over his before assuming a proper stance at his side.

He'd found that he seemed crave physical contact with other life forms more in his current incarnation. Perhaps it wasn't that surprising with all he'd gone through that he needed to be reminded that he wasn't completely alone. Having someone to share the TARDIS with helped. When Wolf did manage to surface from the depths of his ship, they practically lived on top of one another, which was literally true when they worked together under the console flooring panels. Their legs interlaced as they ate at the bench in the kitchen and they leaned against one another in the library. It was a comfort that he didn't realise he was seeking until he had to play the employer / employee game tonight.

"Having fun?" The Doctor nodded at the men Wolf had just left.

"I wouldn't say fun, but it was interesting. Roberto, the guild master, has some new alloys that sound fascinating." Wolf sighed, she itched to see what she could do with the alloys. "So, how about you, learn anything new?"

The grinned widely. "I'll have you know I'm all caught up on local gossip."

Wolf snorted in amusement. "Good to see you're spending your time productively." They followed the other guests who were moving into the dining room.

Leaning close, so only Wolf could hear, the Doctor whispered in her ear. "Just don't blame me if you make an inappropriate comment about mutton to the sheep-shagging second cousin, then."


15minuteficletsword #122: acceptance
pheralchallenge: whumping
Part of the Exile!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse
Tags: doctor who, exile, fan fiction, fiction, ninth doctor, wolf

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