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NumbAndrew dismissed the class and waited until the last Slayer had left the room before waddling over to the wall. He'd have preferred to collapse on the floor, but his sumo-like padding would have just resulted in an embarrassing turtle impression.

He'd agreed to take over the training classes, while Xander sorted out the mess at their apartment, which was only tangentially Andrew's fault.

Sighing as he heard the approach of the next class, Andrew levered himself upright and wondered whether sensation would soon return to his body or if he'd be spending the rest of the week mercifully numb.


open_on_sundaychallenge #128: feeling(s)
Part of the London!verse


7th Sep, 2005 10:10 (UTC)
I can't see the Slayers helping him either. Taken incriminating photos on their phonecams for certain, but I think actually helping the poor lad up would be beyond the realms of possibility with the laughter involved.

I love Andrew's awkwardness. He is my not so inner geek.