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SuggestiveAs a wise man once said; Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.

The Doctor entered the library to find Rose and Jack engaged in a lively debate over a collection of suggestive alien woodcuts. "I don't care which one of you has it, but I have a very good idea of where it is. Clean it off before you return it." He left without waiting for a response.

"What was that about?" Jack looked perplexed.

Rose smiled and bit her lip. "Did you know his sonic screwdriver has a vibrate setting?"


dw100challenge #83: sherlock holmes


30th Aug, 2005 23:22 (UTC)
god knows what that says about my mind. or yours, indeed

Nothing good, I would imagine. But at least you managed to keep your devious thoughts to yourself.
31st Aug, 2005 20:29 (UTC)
true, which is unusual, for me.
31st Aug, 2005 21:18 (UTC)
My devious thoughts were dithering over who stole the screwdriver. It was nearly Jack.
31st Aug, 2005 21:24 (UTC)
so i guess the fact that he didn't, means he's finding Doctor Who quite filling enough. :O
31st Aug, 2005 21:49 (UTC)
Or he's going to pinch the screwdriver from Rose.
31st Aug, 2005 21:53 (UTC)
ew. it'd be all... all... Actually, i'm just gonna stick with 'ew'.
31st Aug, 2005 21:57 (UTC)
It didn't say he wouldn't clean it first. But he might try finding out if the Doctor has a vibrate setting too.
31st Aug, 2005 21:59 (UTC)
lmao, now that would be a sight to behold!