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Driving Lessons

Driving LessonsThe car accelerated rapidly, taking the corner in an impossibly sharp turn that plastered the passenger against the side window. The screech of tyres was followed by the metallic crunch of garbage cans being scattered down the side of the vehicle like skittles.

"Stop!" Spike screamed, bracing himself against the dash, as Dawn threw out the anchors. The car slewed to a stop in a decorative spray of gravel that relocated half of some unfortunate suburbanite's drive into his garden bed.

"That was fun."

"No. It. Wasn't. And now you get to explain to Xander why his gearbox is shot."

Part of the Training!verse


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29th Feb, 2004 14:49 (UTC)
*laughing in delight* I love it! God, these two never stop getting into trouble. I adore the relationship between them, and it's really cool how you cross over several challenge groups and such with the storyline. Many kudos!
29th Feb, 2004 23:15 (UTC)
There are few things worse than teaching friends and family to drive. Spike's been around long enough that he'd know Dawn's driving lessons weren't worth risking his own car for. Xander's on the other hand...

Glad you enjoyed. Thought I'd try another drabble challenge that released into the wild on the other side of the week.
20th Nov, 2004 02:39 (UTC)
Hehehehe...perhaps Xander should've been the one to teach Dawn to drive, what with all the Xander-torture I've seen. Might scare the hell out of him. And it might make the driving lessons more enjoyable for Spike.
20th Nov, 2004 02:52 (UTC)
I think it'd still be pretty stressful if you were in the car. However, commentary from the sidelines could be less stressful, if more prone to becoming a target for vehicular assault.
20th Nov, 2004 06:35 (UTC)
Point made. Still, I imagine Spike would get a kick out of it if he put a camera in the car and watched Xander scream like a little girl.

Damn. I've been hanging around here too long. :-D The anti-Xander sadism is catching!
21st Nov, 2004 21:36 (UTC)
~~I imagine Spike would get a kick out of it if he put a camera in the car and watched Xander scream like a little girl.~~

Ugh. I should never have said that. My muse is taunting me now.
( 6 howls — talk to the wolf )