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Ministrations"I could get used to this." Jack sighed as the Doctor's long, strong fingers massaged his scalp.

"If it wasn't for the smell." Rose was trying to remove stubborn splashes from Jack's chest and was annoyed he wouldn't let her rip them off.

A local had dumped a drink on Jack and it'd had a weird reaction with his hair product, coating his head in a plasticised, sweet-smelling ooze. Aside from reeking of acetone, Jack had found the clean up experience enjoyable, although it wasn't quite the way he'd envisioned the Doctor and Rose getting their hands on his body.


dw100challenge #80: sweet/sour


14th Aug, 2005 03:20 (UTC)
Thanks for the typo catch. I have no idea what drugs were involved in something so stupid.

I'm thinking feorag may be right, the Cthulhus are having their way with my brain when I'm not looking.