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Exile 04: Appraisal

AppraisalWolf sat on the bench, kicking her legs and listening to the swish of fabric on fabric. The Doctor had shown her the TARDIS' wardrobe and she'd ferreted out a t-shirt and jeans. She was fascinated with the cut and feel of the garments and ran her fingers over the denim drill, enjoying the tactility of the weave.

She looked up at the Doctor, watching as he fiddled with monitors and scanners and things that made beeping noises. "This medical check isn't going to involve some kind of dodgy surgery, is it?"

"No, no. Nothing intrusive." He waved a scanner over the areas of her injuries and checked the readouts. The Doctor frowned and ran through the data a second time. "There should be an indication of where the fracture was, but it's like it never happened."

"I heal fast." The Doctor looked at her and raised an eyebrow. "And really efficiently." Wolf shrugged, hopped off the bench and wandered around the room. Examining the back of the monitor the Doctor had gone back to frowning at, she ran her fingertips over the vents at the back and smiled at the pleasing noise it made.

The Doctor scrolled through another page to information. "This is odd. According to the readouts, you're biologically compatible with most humanoid and canid-like life forms in the TARDIS' database and, weirdly enough, also the giant gas-based cloud people of Throol." He shook his head. It didn't make sense. Evolution forked to adapt life forms to available conditions. It didn't cast a wide net to take all possible variants into account.

He looked up at Wolf, who'd taken an interest in his sonic screwdriver and was cycling through its settings. "Somebody put a lot of effort into making you."

"That would be my parents." Wolf grinned as a beam shot out the end of the screwdriver. The Doctor rescued it before she accidentally melted something or someone. "They weren't like me."

"Fully human?" Wolf nodded. That made things even more interesting. The ability to manipulate genetics to such a degree would be beyond Earth scientists for centuries. "From what I can see so far, I'd have to guess that whoever cast your ball of DNA rolling was looking to make themselves their own little army."

"Good guess." Wolf looked at the data on the screen. "That's what we used to be, but it was long before my time. There's only a few of us now, making us something of a contingency plan." She ran a finger along a row of data. "Ooo... I can breed with Hyenas. Kinky."

Sighing, the Doctor wondered if her short attention span was built in or she came by it naturally. He smiled, at least he'd always be able to distract her with shiny objects. You never knew when that would come in handy.


15minuteficletsword #117: fretful
pheralchallenge: whumping
Part of the Exile!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse


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11th Aug, 2005 18:26 (UTC)
*snickers* Cute!
11th Aug, 2005 22:45 (UTC)
11th Aug, 2005 18:49 (UTC)
Evolution forked to adapt life forms to available conditions, it didn't cast a wide net to take all possible variants into account. RUN-ON.

He smiled, at least he'd always be able to distract her with shiny objects and you never knew when that would come in handy. RUN-ON.

Breed with hyenas? Giant gas-based cloud people of Throol? *sporfle* I like seeing a younger, less sophisticated Wolf. She's cute when she's easily distracted. :-) (Unless she's putting on a front... Hmm...)

I also like the hints about her background. Veeery intriguing.
11th Aug, 2005 22:57 (UTC)
Thanks for the grammar spotting.

Wolf has never been terribly sophisticated. She's fine in situations where she's working with like-minded people (which is why she doesn't come across as a total dork in the London!verse), but is appalling at social interactions, particularly with strangers. Declá got the social graces and diplomacy in the family, Wolf is blunt and tactless.

She always been easily distracted, but it depends on the situation at hand.

Her background is something that's been in progress for about ten years. Bugger! I didn't realise it had been that long.
11th Aug, 2005 20:55 (UTC)
::choke:: lmAo!!
11th Aug, 2005 22:58 (UTC)
Happy to have amused you this fine whatever the hell time it is on the other side of the planet.
12th Aug, 2005 03:48 (UTC)
Wow, that's a lot more backstory about Wolf in one-go than we've gotten in a very long time. Years, even. Not since the novels, I do believe. Let me think for a minute here...

The weres were bred for war, that I remember. Wolf mentioned as much to Methos when they first met. But by humans? Why am I under the impression she was raised by the Sidhe (whom I could see as being the "giant gas-based cloud people of Throol" ::snerk::) then? Hmmm, looks like I've got an excuse to go back and reread the original stories now. What a hardship. ;)

But, if she was originally genetically engineered nine-hundred years ago, where did the younger weres like Dec (or Mulder and Scully, for that matter) come from? Or is the required DNA-combo now a naturally occuring mutation that occasionally pops up?

Love the bit about her being compatible with hyenas. Wolves and humans? Expected that, but hyenas? That'd be funny! :)

I've said it before, I'll say it again: pheral is a lucky kitty! I really like this series, Wolf, there's just something about it that tickles my fancy more than most of the others. (Possibly because it's building more like the orginal novels than the other !verses did, which were more self-contained. Or something. I just had a deep philosophical discussion with a 12 yr old about the Artemis Fowl books, so likely my higher reasoning may not working at its best right now. Um... yeah.)
12th Aug, 2005 05:17 (UTC)
Wolf was born to human parents. The genetically enhanced DNA is something that will be passed along family lines. It doesn't work well with current genetics knowledge, I'm screwing with it quite a bit. I think I'm also messing with what I originally wrote, even though that has been heavily editted since, and my current theories may not gel completely.

The off setting is a Sidhe designed element to keep the DNA live in the human (or alien) gene pool. It occasionally throws out a live were, through design rather than accident, to ensure that there's a fully trained skeleton force available.

Weres also have a genetic aversion to breeding, which would make me assume they have a higher likelihood of throwing out weres as offspring (Rachel will be pleased) and a stronger aversion to breeding with each other. They are wired this way to stop an over supply of weres. I have an out allowing for strong bonds with humans to break this aversion.

There's 700 years between Wolf and Declán. While they share a common ancestor, both their parents died producing a single child, so they both terminate their respective lines at the moment.

Once that setting is flipped to on, anyone carrying the DNA would produce were offspring, you'd be up to your armpits in werewolves and have yourself a nice little army to play with. Human lifespans are nothing to the Sidhe, but if they need a faster turnaround on warm bodies, that's where the canid compatibilty comes in.

I have an inlking of an idea that the different flavours of weres are clan related. One clan would have certain weres for set tasks — say air, sea and land — and another clan would use different weres for similar tasks. Foxes would always be associated with one family, wolves with another.

Wolf was raised by her father, but trained by the Sidhe a few years after his death. The training would have been quite involved as she wasn't sent in to battle to make her first kill until she was 30.

The gas guys from Throol have nothing to do with the Sidhe. At the moment. May play with that later. When I wrote it I had the urge for silly and wanted to make a point of the Sidhe making sure their genetic creation could move across boundaries and function in any environment.

I have my own little universe of weird and strange rules that I have put way too much thought into. I may need to get a life.
12th Aug, 2005 05:54 (UTC)
No, don't get a life! You'd only take up valuable time that could be better put to use writing us fic and thinking up weird universes like this one. ;P

Now that you mention it, some of these details sound familiar. I've got a vague memory of us discussing this stuff way back when, possibly in the days when we were actually thinking about collaborating on a crossover with our two AUs -- before we mutually agreed that as good of friends as we are, our writing styles were too dissimilar to ever mesh. In any case, I distinctly recall us theorizing all over the place about Wolf's origins. Especially the various clans of were-species, and their instinctive aversion to breed with one another. (I remember it being an issue for us, because Mulder and Scully were from different clans but together... did we ever solve that, I wonder?)

The genetics stuff actually makes sense the way you explain it, and you know I already adore the idea of Rachel and Dec having a litter of puppies (hee! :D), so that's good too. The concept of the Sidhe deliberately triggering new weres is interesting, I don't think you've ever mentioend that before. I like it, even if they aren't the gas guys from Throol.

Right. Go with your urges, Wolf, be they for silly or violence or chilly cheese dogs. Whatever, they always produce such wonderful results! adn then we the readers get to bask in the by-product. :)
12th Aug, 2005 06:23 (UTC)
The Mulder / Scully thing throws a spanner in the works, unless I use my pairbond card (which was in action at the time) and a newish idea of clans having multiples were genotypes.

Wolf hasn't met any of the others, nor does she know what they are. She only knows a handful of werewolves, but working from the clan name, Selkies would be the seafaring forces.

I'd like to use ravens as the air beasties, which works better with existant legends. This would make Mulder part of Wolf's clan and Scully belonging to a rival and would make things interesting for them if it came to assuming battle positions.

It would depend on how I would see a air unit be used. Raven for smarts, gulls or albatrosses for surveillance, raptors for attack. Decisions, decisions. This is background stuff and is for my benefit only.

The trigering idea is new, it's been playing out as I've been thinking about this verse. It may not make it in, but the idea is there for background.

The Sidhe can't be gas guys from Throol. Dáibhí is the head of the clan and sire of Wolf and Declán's line. Seaghán is Dáibhí's son, we've met him and he's humanoid.

All this makes a strange kind of logic to me and has its own canon in the way it interacts with various fandoms. My brain is an interesting place at times.
12th Aug, 2005 06:29 (UTC)
My brain is an interesting place at times.

Yes, but I enjoy getting a tour through all the nooks and crannies. :)
15th Aug, 2005 05:46 (UTC)
*laughs* The interactions between these two made me giggle and I love Wolf's curiosity.
15th Aug, 2005 05:59 (UTC)
Thanks! It could be worse for the Doctor, she could be wandering about on four legs mouthing everything.
( 13 howls — talk to the wolf )