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Back to Basics

Back to BasicsIt had followed them from the video store. Turungar demons weren't known for their fascination with the latest in teen comedies. This one had just happened to be out hunting when it spotted Spike and Dawn.

Turungar demons are nasty, vicious creatures, but not up there in the intelligence stakes. They were creatures of habit that acted on instinct. It was a slow and agonising process to watch their small primitive brains attempting to wrestle with a decision. Which would go a long way to explaining why it never noticed that the man accompanying the tasty, young human female was a vampire.

A dash through the backyards of the Summers' neighbours had ensued in the hope of losing the beast. Their escape would have been quicker, but Dawn had insisted on avoiding the homes with dogs on the grounds that she didn't want to explain to Mr Jones why Fluffy had been eaten and the more immediate reason of trying to keep a low profile.

The plan only slowed the demon down, but it did give them enough time to retrieve monster dispatching weapons. Which was why Spike and Dawn were now standing around a very dead demon who was bleeding all over the back lawn.

"Look on the bright side, it's one less mess to clean up and the lawn will love it." Spike nudged the body with the toe of his boot causing more blood to briefly pool then before it soaked into the ground.

"We still have to get rid of the body, it's too big to dump in the trunk intact." Dawn briefly wondered why there wasn't a monster corpse disposal company in Sunnydale. With a Hellmouth and a Slayer in residence it would do a roaring trade.

They rummaged through the garden shed for tools. Dawn found a hedge trimmer, she contemplated the tool before discarding it as only being good for leaves, what she needed was the chainsaw.

"Go ahead," Spike gestured to the corpse. "But don't blame me when it skips on the flesh before biting. Chainsaws aren't the neatest of weapons and they cause a pretty big spread of gore. And I seem to remember someone mentioning noise concerns."

Explaining the body would be bad enough. Explaining why she'd covered herself and the side of the house with demon innards was even less desirable. Dawn sighed and replaced the chainsaw on its shelf, giving it a final loving pat.

Spike snagged a couple of hand tools from the shed and handed the axe to Dawn. "Try this. All the fun of dismemberment with less of the spray pattern."

Spike sat on the back steps, carefully sharpening the edge of the spade as he watched Dawn go to work on the body. It didn't take long for her to tire, swinging an axe repeatedly was hard work, but she'd made decent inroads into disarticulating the body and it gave her a chance to let off steam. When her arms started to protest, she handed the axe over the Spike, who cleaned it and returned it to the shed, before he took over.

Placing the blade of the spade against the demon's neck, Spike put his foot to the spade and its blade went through the vertebrae with a clean thunk. He tossed the head in the heavy-duty garbage bag Dawn was holding. "The biggest weapon isn't always the best for the job, Bit. Sometimes you need to get back to basics."

15 minute ficlet challenge for leni_bachainsaw
Part of the Training!verse
Tags: dawn summers, fan fiction, fiction, spike, training

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