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Dinner Out

Dinner OutDawn glared at Spike as she drew a knife from her thigh sheath. "I'm not the one who thought that dinner at a celebrity chef restaurant would be a good night out."

Shrugging, Spike kept an eye on the cowering patrons, blocked the path of their adversary and still managed to appreciate the Chinese silk dress Dawn was wearing. "How was I supposed to know that Gretlof demons liked to eat here?"

Despite their banter, they moved in unison, soon dispatching the monster and placating the crowd.

Spike grinned. "So, you think we'll score a free dinner out of this?"


tinpanalley's birthday challenge: spike/dawn, dinner out, london!verse
Part of the London!verse


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6th Aug, 2005 06:17 (UTC)

Their lives are never boring! Love that even in that kind of situation, Spike can still admire his girl!

So cute! Thank you!!
6th Aug, 2005 06:19 (UTC)
You're very welcome. Hope this goes a little way to making up for the birthday from hell.
6th Aug, 2005 06:22 (UTC)
~~Spike grinned. "So, you think we'll score a free dinner out of this?"~~

*giggles* If they're lucky. Otherwise, they might need to find a new place.
6th Aug, 2005 06:28 (UTC)
It's hard to say how a business will take death and destruction. I guess they could always leave the demon body behind if things get nasty.
6th Aug, 2005 12:49 (UTC)
lol, it's that perfect partnership of flawless moves and snippy remarks.
6th Aug, 2005 13:41 (UTC)
It would be too much to ask for a quiet night out.
6th Aug, 2005 13:41 (UTC)
Great work, I'm sure she'll love it!

6th Aug, 2005 13:46 (UTC)
She did, so Yay!

Funny that this was so easy when I'm in the middle of procrastinating over something else. Stupid muse, now it's just off drooling over Tom Jones and Van Morrison in The Blues doco. ::sigh::
6th Aug, 2005 21:20 (UTC)
I love that Dawn wears knives under her fancy dresses. And that Spike's main concern is getting a free dinner -- the fight just made the night better, I guess. :-)
6th Aug, 2005 23:53 (UTC)
Dawn's been around weirdness long enough to know to be prepared. And I expect that, despite their insults, a fun night was had by all too.
7th Aug, 2005 05:45 (UTC)
Oh, that was terrific! I love how Spike multitasks and the Spike/Dawn banter.
7th Aug, 2005 05:54 (UTC)
Many thanks, it was fun to write.
( 12 howls — talk to the wolf )