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PulseThe man trying to chat Rose up wasn't getting the message that she'd rather be elsewhere.

Jack held her hand up to show the stranger their matching bracelets were displayed a synchronous cycle of lights. "Sorry, pal, she's taken."

Rose watched him shrug and walk away. "What was that about?"

"This is a matrimonial band."

"We're married?"

Jack grinned broadly. "Not exactly. They have a triune marriage based on people whose compatibility is indicated by these bracelets."

"They're fakes?"

Jack nodded at the Doctor, who waved back allowing Rose to see his own bracelet pulsed to match their own.



dw100challenge #78: wounded


26th Jul, 2005 18:29 (UTC)
A clever way to get losers off your back. :D
26th Jul, 2005 22:31 (UTC)
Aside from the bracelets not being fakes.
26th Jul, 2005 23:53 (UTC)
Heh, I'm sure there are worse things than the bracelets being genuine. :)