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PulseThe man trying to chat Rose up wasn't getting the message that she'd rather be elsewhere.

Jack held her hand up to show the stranger their matching bracelets were displayed a synchronous cycle of lights. "Sorry, pal, she's taken."

Rose watched him shrug and walk away. "What was that about?"

"This is a matrimonial band."

"We're married?"

Jack grinned broadly. "Not exactly. They have a triune marriage based on people whose compatibility is indicated by these bracelets."

"They're fakes?"

Jack nodded at the Doctor, who waved back allowing Rose to see his own bracelet pulsed to match their own.



dw100challenge #78: wounded


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26th Jul, 2005 13:21 (UTC)
So, erm are they fakes or have you just cheered me up no end? ;)
26th Jul, 2005 22:24 (UTC)
They aren't fakes, you may now be cheerful.
26th Jul, 2005 22:29 (UTC)
Yippeeeee! :D
26th Jul, 2005 14:38 (UTC)

I hate to say this but I think this deserves something longer. (I always hate it when people ask for longer versions of my drabbles/ficlets).

oh well, I guess I'll have to let my imagination run wild.

I really wouldn't mind more drabbles. I can never manage to capture them in so few words. really, a great piece :)
26th Jul, 2005 22:29 (UTC)
Usually you would get politely told where to go, but in this case you're dead on. It one of the few I've written where I wanted it longer too.

It was tough to get the story compressed to a hundred words and keep it in tact, so I may do a longer version at some point.

Stupid muse. Either it's off sunning itself somewhere without me or it's trying to cram a longer story into a drabble and bitching because I left out a bit about a daquiri or feather boa. Still, at least it's making itself known.
26th Jul, 2005 23:19 (UTC)
Usually you would get politely told where to go
he. I know the feeling.

I may do a longer version at some point.
Yay! I hope that 'some point' isn't too far into the future.
cookies? they're still warm ~smile~

26th Jul, 2005 23:25 (UTC)
Well, as I've now said I'd lengthen the drabble, this grants you permission to prod me at regular intervals to ask where the hell it is. Feel free to take advantage of this.
30th Jul, 2005 07:06 (UTC)
to early to ask where it is. but not to early to remind you to get started on it. *grin*
1st Aug, 2005 05:10 (UTC)
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Poking received. I blame a brush with tequila for my laxness. Senor Cuervo is not my friend.

This do you?
26th Jul, 2005 16:04 (UTC)
When I get my muse back after watching the episodes (::crosses fingers::), I'm totally going to write these three into a threesome. Just so you know.

Be ready, cuz I'll almost certainly be asking you to beta it. ;)
26th Jul, 2005 22:30 (UTC)
You'd better warn the postie that he should start wearing padding for when you crash-tackle him and rummage through the post. Well, if you're channelling Pheral or me at the time.

Always happy to beta for you.
27th Jul, 2005 18:00 (UTC)
better warn the postie that he should start wearing padding for when you crash-tackle him and rummage through the post

ahh, good times.
26th Jul, 2005 18:29 (UTC)
A clever way to get losers off your back. :D
26th Jul, 2005 22:31 (UTC)
Aside from the bracelets not being fakes.
26th Jul, 2005 23:53 (UTC)
Heh, I'm sure there are worse things than the bracelets being genuine. :)
27th Jul, 2005 16:18 (UTC)
Threesomes = good. :-D

Also, that's just kind of a cool idea, with the matching bracelets, etc. I wonder how on earth it developed?
13th Aug, 2005 12:55 (UTC)
Sorry for the sluggishness. Stupid LJ not sending replies.

My idea comes from me fiddling with my new geek bracelets and a wacky Japanese compatibility profile dating gadget. I was thinking of the truine marriages from Dan Simmons' Hyperion Cantos and as that was a small community, I figured something more obvious would be needed for larger populations. So, why not go techie and garish.
27th Jul, 2005 17:58 (UTC)
and they realise they can't get the bracelets off and they hack the doctors hand off to get his off, because...because...i say so, and then he bleeds lots and yum.

27th Jul, 2005 18:37 (UTC)
*looks around* I told you this person was evil. *grins*
27th Jul, 2005 19:59 (UTC)
i'm a person?? i knew the doctors were lying.
27th Jul, 2005 20:37 (UTC)
( 21 howls — talk to the wolf )