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Exile 02: Empathy

EmpathyThe Doctor watched as the wolf attacked the boar that had recently been chasing him. Her reddish coat caught the sunlight, as she bowled the huge, bristled boar across the sand and grabbed it by the throat.

The fight looked like a done deal, but when the wolf readjusted her grip on the pig's throat, the great beast pressed its advantage and threw her aside like a rag doll. There was a sickening crack as the wolf's head hit the boulders below the tree where the Doctor was sitting; she didn't get up.

But the boar didn't get much further either. There was an audible wheezing sound as the animal tried to breathe through its torn throat and it stumbled several metres along the beach before collapsing. The growing pool of blood soaking into the sand around its head evidence enough that it wasn't going anywhere.

"Well, that was exciting." The Doctor dropped to the ground, brushed himself off and, checking that his orchid specimens had survived the adventure, headed back to the TARDIS.

As he put his key in the lock, he was more than a little surprised to find that the door refused to open. "Oi! Let me in you infernal machine." His hammering on the door did little to sway the TARDIS.

Turning around, the Doctor leaned against the police box. Looking up the beach he could see the two animals still lying where they'd fallen. A low hum vibrated through the door at his back. "All right, I'll go check, you sentimental, bloody box," the Doctor said as he levered himself upright and retraced his steps.

The boar was dead by the time he returned, which didn't come as much of a shock.

Kneeling beside the wolf, he found she was still alive, although not for much longer judging by the severity of her head trauma. There wasn't a lot he could do in situ, so he picked the wolf up and struggled back to the TARDIS with his unwieldy burden. He glared at the open door that awaited him.

With the medical facilities of the TARDIS at hand, he had a better chance of checking the wolf's injuries.

As he examined her, he found a cord around her neck. It didn't seem to be something she'd accidentally entangled herself in. The leather thong was loose enough to be comfortable, but it easily disappeared into her thick coat. Running a finger around the cord, he discovered a bronze pendant. "Norse, if I'm not mistaken. Fascinating."

It turned out that she had a fractured skull from her head-first encounter with the rocks, some swelling around her brain and a nasty gash across her shoulder where the boar's tusk must have connected.

The broken skin and bones he could repair immediately, but the swelling of her brain would take a while to subside once he activated the appropriate programme. Even with the damage repaired, she'd most likely have a killer headache when she woke up and a large, annoyed carnivore was not something he wanted running about the ship. Bearing that in mind, he double-checked the sedative to ensure she had a chance to sleep off the worst of her injuries.

"Rest easy, girl. When you come around, try to be a little more forgiving of me than you were of the boar." He ran his hand through the thick fur on the wolf's flank and left her in peace.

The Doctor wandered into the console room and ran through the TARDIS' data on the island without finding anything that could answer his questions.

How a boar wound up on the island he could understand, but a wolf shouldn't have been there. They weren't native to the area, the island wasn't large enough to support more than one and it was a mystery to him how a wolf could have ended up there in the first place.

It certainly gave him something to think about.


15minuteficletsword #115: sentimental
pheralchallenge: whumping
Part of the Exile!verse and the Wolf&Declán!verse
Tags: doctor who, exile, fan fiction, fiction, ninth doctor, wolf
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