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Puzzle"That better be your hand." Rose couldn't quite see.

Jack wiggled even closer. "Right hand's on red, left hand's on yellow and this would be so much more fun naked."

Rose collapsed in a heap, handing victory to Jack. Again. She picked up the box, examining the graffiti. "Who's Blake, why is he a wanker and what are fondue rocks?"

"You'd have to ask the previous owner." The Doctor shuddered; some past indiscretions were best forgotten. He stopped his tinkering and took a sudden interest in the game before Rose asked for details. "Now, I believe someone mentioned naked Twister."


dw100challenge #76: lost causes


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13th Jul, 2005 05:28 (UTC)
~~and this would be so much more fun naked~~

*snickers* I wonder how many men have used that for a pick-up line...
13th Jul, 2005 05:32 (UTC)
I wonder how many men have used that for a pick-up line...

Most of them.
13th Jul, 2005 05:37 (UTC)
A demo of my dirty-mindedness since I met my guy: I might have to try that line on him; it actually sounds kinda fun.
(Deleted comment)
13th Jul, 2005 21:28 (UTC)
I'm guessing that's a no from you then, Mikey.
13th Jul, 2005 07:31 (UTC)
Mmm, Captain Jack...

Oh sorry, I should be saying something about your fic! ;)

...this would be so much more fun naked.

That's very Jack. I think sometimes writers forget that he's a bloke and attracted to girls as men. If I read one more fic where Jack and the Doctor are just automatically lovers - well, perhaps I just shouldn't read them, eh? ;)

It tickled me when the Doctor appeared. I'd expect everyone to have to behave, as he's the authority figure, but he suggests naked twister.

Great fun!
13th Jul, 2005 08:23 (UTC)
Naked Twister was a distraction to answering Rose's questions. And it was much more pleasant. No one really wants people finding out they've committed the future equivalent of 70s fashion disasters.
13th Jul, 2005 09:18 (UTC)
Bother! I thought there was going to be group sex. Still, such is life. ;)
13th Jul, 2005 09:23 (UTC)
I suspect there will be group sex. But then I can't really imagine what else naked Twister could lead to.
13th Jul, 2005 11:54 (UTC)
"Right hand on red, left hand on yellow and this would be so much more fun naked."

Damn, that line's been stuck in my head all morning, ever since I read your drabble. It's just so Jack.
13th Jul, 2005 12:21 (UTC)
I have created an earworm. Yay!

At least it has smutty overtones and (hopefully) doesn't make you want to hunt me down in retaliation.
13th Jul, 2005 12:25 (UTC)
Ha! Do you really say earworm in English? The word exists in German (Ohrwurm), but I've never found an appropriate word in English. (Though I usually say earworm anyway ...)

And yes - just the right amount of smutty overtones.
13th Jul, 2005 12:30 (UTC)
I suspect earworm was appropriated from German, that's what English does best.
13th Jul, 2005 12:50 (UTC)
You're right (Wikipedia: earworm). Very funny, and I thought it was just one of our Denglish inventions (Deutsch-English).
14th Jul, 2005 23:22 (UTC)
lmao! picked me up at work, this one did. i love that your fics are tiny, but really cheer me up.
14th Jul, 2005 23:37 (UTC)

I have a longer still in head bit planned based on your whumping request. But the current 15minuteficlets challenge is proving problematic to kickstart it. And it keeps getting longer and the major whumping is at the end.
16th Jul, 2005 23:36 (UTC)
mwaha, i've inspired a monster-fic eh? Major whumping can be at the begining, the end, the middle, the edge, the outside or the top for all i care. HooRAY! Write on, MacDuff, i shall await.
( 16 howls — talk to the wolf )