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BouquetLooking out the window, Rose could see a huge fire blazing across the town below. "Where are we?"

"September 1666. Great Fire of London." The Doctor folded his arms and surveyed the devastation in progress. "Helped stop the plague."

Absently scratching her leg, Rose froze at his words. "So aside from fleas and rat bites, I could be infected with the Black Death?"

"TARDIS will fix you right up. Thought you'd like to see a little history."

Rose leaned out, smelling smoke and the ripe aroma of 17th century London. "Next time can we pick a place with indoor plumbing?"


dw100challenge #74: exterminate


23rd Jun, 2005 05:47 (UTC)
Got an example? Print? Telly? Make and model of camera? Am curious now.

His name is Christopher Eccleston.
23rd Jun, 2005 06:10 (UTC)
It's an HP one, I think. When their ads come on, I'm usually more interested in the cool effects used than the make, but I think that's right. Only trouble is, I don't think the new series airs over here, so it wouldn't make sense for him to be appearing in an American commercial.