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Quiescence 03: Slip

Slip"Oi!" The Doctor rubbed his head and retrieved the flashlight. He thought she might have dropped it in retaliation for the loose panel, but when he levered himself up to floor level, he found her dead to the world.

Smiling as he watched her sleep, the Doctor suddenly swore to himself as he realised she was starting to drool. Saliva and TARDIS innards, did not a good combination make.

"Let's get you back to bed." Scooped her into his arms, Rose curled tight in his embrace. It would have found it quiet endearing, if she wasn't drooling down his neck.


wordoftheday100challenge: retaliation
Part of the Quiescence!verse
Tags: doctor who, fan fiction, fiction, ninth doctor, quiescence, rose tyler
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