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Quiescence 01: Lull

It wasn't until Rose gotten out of bed that she realised it was the eerie quiet of the TARDIS that had woken her.

Hurrying down the corridors, Rose's concern grew. She couldn't imagine what might be wrong.

Her entry to the console room was notable for its lack of grace. Tripping over a displaced floor panel, she fell into the open access way and landed squarely on the Doctor.

"Ow! Elbows!"

Rose carefully extricated herself.

"What on earth are you doing up?"

"I couldn't sleep."

"Seeing as you're awake, hand me the mallet and try not trip over anything breakable."


dw100challenge #73: silence
Part of the Quiescence!verse
Tags: doctor who, fan fiction, fiction, ninth doctor, quiescence, rose tyler

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